What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Zach

I'm a Mormon and I love it.

About Me

I'm a twenty-one year old guy that loves learning how to do new things (you know, stuff like ride the unicycle, solve the rubik's cube while jumping on the pogo stick, play the piano, guitar, or ukulele), jamming out to my favorite music, and goofing off with my family. And trust me, when you have five brothers and sisters and two of the coolest parents in the world, there's lots of goofing off to do. I'm going to college right now and I'm studying mechanical engineering. I hope to one day be able to work with airplanes, rockets, roller coasters, or something cool like that. I guess we'll see what God has in store for my future!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I've done my best to be a faithful member my entire life. My parents were born into the church and so were their parents, but that doesn't mean that everything has been handed to us on a silver platter. Being born and raised in Utah doesn't mean that either. I've had my share of struggles in life. I've doubted the existence of God and the authenticity of everything that I've been told my whole life, but when it all comes down to it, there is really no other logical explanation for everything. And "everything" is a lot to explain! I recently returned from being a missionary in California for the last two years and it was there that I really had the chance to solidify my testimony and show myself that I really do know that the LDS church really is the church that God has put here on the earth to help us be happy. One day while I was reading the Book of Mormon (often when revelation comes) the thought came to mind that this life is just a big spiritual game of connect-the-dots. We have lots of spiritual experiences in our lives, times where we have felt the love of God so strong that we just can't deny it. So when the doubts come, and they will for sure because Satan wants us to be miserable just like he is, we just need to think of all the times that we've felt the Spirit of God's influence in our lives, connect all those spiritual dots, and tell those doubts to go back to hell where they came from. That is the concept that helped me through the difficult times when I doubted the love of God.

How I live my faith

A lot of people are afraid to learn more about us because they hear that we have lots of rules and really high expectations and they won't be able to express themselves in the way that they want. And you know what, there are a lot of rules but that doesn't mean that you can't be you. I live my faith by always keeping my Heavenly Father in mind. All you have to do is remember that He's watching and He's more than willing to bless you and help you out in whatever you need, as long as you do what he wants. If you want to be happy in life and in the eternities, behave! If you want to be sad and you want to have bad consequences befall you, disobey the commandments of God. It's that easy! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

When witnesses are called to the stand in a court case, they testify of things they have seen or experienced. This is sharing their testimony. That's exactly what Mormons are talking about when we talk about testimonies: sharing things we know or have experienced. In a court setting, testimonies are shared about the case, and in a church setting, testimonies are shared about the gospel. A simple statement of beliefs. Things that you know, like that God exists. He loves you and because of that, He has given us prophets, scriptures, and our families. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Many people are confused and argue over the ideas of faith, works, and grace, and how one is more important than the other and how it's mockery to think that you have to buy your way into heaven by working, but these people have been misinformed. Through study of the Bible and the Book of Mormon and modern day scriptures we have a clearer idea of how these three concepts of faith, works, and grace are all essential and they work together. In James 217-18 it says that faith without works is dead. We understand this to mean that in order to have faith, you have to work. Faith is an action word! You can't just believe in something and say that you have faith, faith leads you to make changes in your life and try to be better. These changes and behaviors are called works! John 1415 says "if ye love me, keep my commandments." If you have faith in Christ, you will keep his commandments. You aren't buying your way into heaven, you aren't mocking God, you are just showing your love and appreciation for the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. Now this is where grace comes in. We are not perfect. There is no way that we can do everything that our Heavenly Father requires, but we can work hard. And that's all he expects. He doesn't expect heroic results, just heroic effort. Then after the heroic effort, after ALL that we can do, if it isn't sufficient, grace comes in and fills in the rest. In order to deserve grace we must have faith and show that faith by our works. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom is just that, a few words of wisdom that God has given us so we can be happy. Our bodies are some of the sweetest gifts that God has given us, and we should take care of them! We are not supposed to put harmful substances into our bodies, instead we are to put good, healthy foods into them so we can do the things that we want to do! As human beings, we are happier when we aren't dependent on cigarettes or alcohol or our daily cup of coffee or other addictive things. WE are supposed to be the ones controlling our lives, not these things that man has invented to make us their slaves. Many people say that Mormons aren't allowed to have alcohol or smoke, but God's commandments don't only apply to members of God's church, He wants ALL of his children to obey his commandments. After all, for you parents out there, would you rather have all your kids keep the rules you have established in your family, or just the ones that still live at home? Show more Show less