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Hi I'm Jeff Marceil

I'm a Mormon. But, I prefer "Latter-Day Saint"

About Me

I live in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. I have a strong and committed wife of 28 years and 3 pretty great kids. We have a daughter who is married, a son who is serving a mission for the church in Hungary and a 16 year old son who keeps me on my toes and young. I work for a document imaging service company as an Account/Project Manager. I manage projects that deal with the scanning of millions of paper document of various sizes and types to electronic content management systems. I fancy myself a singer/songwriter/musician and have played semi professionally over the years. I write and perform various types of music, from pop to country but have settled more on spiritually based music in recent years as I have mellowed. In fact I sometimes do "Musical Firesides" that include original music and stories about the song and the gospel principle behind it. Some of my music can be found at http//www.myspace.com/566854190 I am currently serving as the Ward Mission Leader for my local LDS congregation. This means I am responsible for sharing the gospel to the good people of this area.

Why I am a Mormon

I became a member of the LDS Church when I was 18 years old here in the Vancouver BC area. My Mom found out that the daughter of some old friends from the Canadian Air Force had just joined the "Mormon" church. When she heard this she felt a stirring in her that she could not quit understand. A few weeks later, the missionaries from the church knocked on our door. Usually she would say,"we have our own religion" and would just shut the door. This time she let them in. These young men, told us all about the basic beliefs of the LDS church. At first some of it seemed a bit strange and a bit fantastic... but I could not deny the spirit that I felt when they were in our home. I fought it for a while, but when they told us about, where we came from before we came to this earth, why we are here, and where we will go after this life, it was all I could think about 24/7 for about 2 weeks. As I say, I fought it. I didn't see myself as being "religious" and frankly I still don't, believe it of not. To me the church is not just a religion. It is a way of life that is based upon natural principles. I have come across principles that were hard at first to comprehend, but the more I study and delve into those principles, the more profound and all encompassing I realize they are. I am not a joiner and I don't take peoples word for it. I have sought out answers through study and prayer and received personal spiritual revelation that tells me that the LDS doctrine is pure, profound and life changing. Since that day I was baptized I have never looked back with regret. I have had trials of my faith and experienced the consequences due to the follies of man, but it has been an upward growth pattern since that day. I am not sure what would have come of me without the steady, inspired and positive influence of other Church members and principle centered doctrines of the restored gospel.

How I live my faith

Two years after joining the church, I went on a full time mission to Milan Italy. To be honest I was petrified. I was still very young in the gospel and didn't see how I was to "convert" people. I soon found out that I was just vehicle to bring the spirit into peoples lives. It was the same spirit that I had felt 2 years earlier that draws people to the church. My mission was a defining time in my life. Since that time, I have been married in the Temple to a "total babe". I have gone to college, been an owner in a company and worked hard all my life. At the same time, I have spent countless hours in church service. I have been a Ward Mission Leader three times now. I have served as a councilor to 3 Bishops. I have been a Scout Leader a few times and a Scouting Group Commissioner twice. I have taught children of all ages and had a blast at it. I am not perfect. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. But I try to live my life honestly, showing respect to my fellow persons. I try to live my "religion" and not be a hypocrite , though sometimes I'm sure I fail. But, I am a better man for doing what I am doing. Without the gospel and the inspiration of God, I am much less. I am no great shakes, but I would be really shaky without the gospel in my life. I will never be "in your face" religious. Mine is a private battle to be a better man. It's never easy, there are many distractions. But if you wonder what makes me tick, I will tell you as best I can.