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Hi I'm Paul W.

Born and raised in His church. Lost from His flock for a long period of time, but He never gave up on me.

About Me

I just graduated college in April 2011. I have been married since December of 2009 to a beautiful and wonderful woman. No kids at this time, but the future does hold them. Some of my hobbies and interests are gardening, flying airplanes (when funds permit), playing the piano, sports, animals, photography, hiking, and many more.

Why I am a Mormon

That is a good question. I was born and raised as a Mormon but as I grew older, I left the church and became affiliated with things of the world. Many years went by as I thought that I was enjoying myself, but then came some deep questions to my mind. "Why am I here?" "Where did I come from?" "How did the Universe begin?" "Does our Heavenly Father have a Father as well?" As these questions came to mind, I knew that I must return to church. I found myself searching the scriptures for answers and praying for forgiveness of the harsh sins which I had committed. With much agony and tears, I find myself in His arms. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has helped me to gain knowledge of why I am here. I can testify that Joseph Smith did see God and Jesus Christ. I know this because I have seen it in a vision. It is true. As James 1:5 reads, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God..." This is what I did and He did testify the truth of it unto me. Anyone of us can ask of God if we need and desire the truth. There is no need to be afraid. Our Father in Heaven is a lovely, kind, and gentle person. He desires us to know the truth so that we can return to be in His presence for time and all eternity. We all want to be with our family forever, so why it is when we are married civilly that it is "until death do you part"? Why would you not want to live forever with your family, sealed for time and all eternity? There is power, and authority, on the Earth again through God to perform such works. This is why the marriage ceremony is so sacred in His church. We are sealed for time and all eternity never to be lost without one another. To those who read and inquire, I testify to you that this is the true church of Christ. It is His church. There is a living prophet on the Earth today, who receives guidance for Christ's church. The Book of Mormon is true and was written on plate of gold to be here in our day. I love my Savior. I testify He lives today.

How I live my faith

Participating in Christ's church is a blessing. It is the opportunity to serve others and learn from others. I had the opportunity to lead individuals between the ages of 18-30 in my region. Countless hours were spent volunteering, many of which required meetings, arranging for each activity, planning, preparing, and cleaning up after. This was a calling that lasted 2 years, one in which I truly treasured. Live true to the commandments and guidance from the Lord has blessed my life. Each of us wants to live a strong and long life, but there are many worldly items that can stunt that progression. Keeping our bodies healthy is key to a long life. Teaching the Gospel and sharing it with others can feel like a chore, and sometime may feel like a burden because we are afraid of what the other might think about us. The truth is, I LOVE sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and telling friends about it. It is amazing how much knowledge each denomination shares, but what knowledge is lacking. The windows of Heaven are open and knowledge is being poured out to those who are willing to listen. The Spirit of God, as we listen, will pour out to us spiritually and will touch our hearts. Having an open mind and being humble allows the Spirit to come it us and teach us. As the scriptures teach, we must be as little children. The Gospel is so easy and clear to understand but many make it complicated or forget to take off their "blind-fold" to see the goodness and light. I live my faith in Jesus Christ by treating others as He would want me to. I think to myself many times during my work day, "How would Christ handle this situation?" "How can I speak to others as He would?" Humility, Compassion, and Love for all mankind beings me closer to Him and helps me to live a faithful life as He would want me to.