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Hi I'm Becky

I'm single. I love cheese. I'm a health educator. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My life began in a small town in Idaho, where I was raised by two wonderful parents alongside 7 brothers and sisters. We were raised in the Mormon church and taught to work hard and have fun. I got into sports at an early age and love to play volleyball and participate in most any kind of competitive activity. I got a bachelor's degree in Community Health Education before deciding to volunteer for a year and a half to serve as a full time missionary for the Mormon church. My missionary service in the Philippines is one of the highlights of my life and strengthened my testimony as well as gave me a love for a culture so different than my own. I currently work as a health educator, providing training and support to youth coalitions and college advocacy groups who plan projects to make their communities a healthier place. I enjoy a great many things and find that being single allows me time to pursue my talents and interests. Although I am very much looking forward to marriage and a family some day, I am loving the opportunities I have to travel, to try out new artistic disciplines and to create fun experiences for my family and friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born with a mass of curly red hair, and from the time I was a baby, others would comment and compliment me on my hair. I envied others whose hair was straight and brown, black or blonde. Add to that an endless mass of freckles and awkward growth spurts and there were times when I felt like I stuck out like an ugly penny when I just wanted to fit in. Yet as one of the youngest in a family of 10, there were also times when I'd do just about anything to feel like I was being recognized for my own talents and not just as "someone's little sister". As I grew to understand myself and my uniqueness by learning of and applying gospel truths, I began to embrace myself and my attributes for the beautiful things they are and learned to find ways to show my unique talents to the world. Understanding that I have a loving Father in Heaven who has a plan to help me progress in this life and return to live with him again brings me great inner peace and helps me to make everyday choices. I'm a Mormon because I know if I strive to do what's right, make good choices and let my unique talents shine through, He will help me to become the best that I can be.

How I live my faith

One of the things I love about being a Mormon is the many opportunities I have to live what I learn in my personal life, in church activities, and in my community. I love to teach and find that whether it's teaching English as a second language, sharing thoughts about emergency preparedness at a single adult activity, or teaching about the attributes of the Savior on Sunday, the opportunities I have to teach allow my faith to grow and hopefully help others to greater understand the Lord's plan for them. In my professional life I have many opportunities to talk to others about opportunities for changing behavior and abstaining from unhealthy practices. I find that my experience teaching about God's plan for his children her on earth, my values, and my understanding of Jesus Christ's Atonement make doing my job easier even when I'm not talking about religious topics. I strive to set goals in my personal life to improve my relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer and personal scripture study and make an effort to serve others when I get the chance. I think an important part of being like our Savior Jesus Christ is creating positive relationships with those around us. I make an effort to keep in touch with my large family and try to be a good friend and respectful acquaintance to everyone I meet.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

My decision to serve a full time mission was one of the best decisions I ever made. While no one is required to serve a mission, the tradition of young men serving for two years is something many people are familiar with. As a female nearing my 21st birthday, I knew the opportunity to serve a mission was available if I chose to take it. Through much fasting and prayer, I decided that I didn't "need" to serve a mission at that time. I continued to pursue my college degree and a year later when I was preparing to graduate and investigating graduate schools, I was once again confronted with thoughts about serving a full time mission. This time I took care to analyze what the purpose of serving as a missionary was and through prayer, fasting, and the advice of a trusted sibling, I learned a valuable lesson about serving the Lord. In essence, I realized that the Lord will see to it that His gospel is shared with His children wherever they are and it is up to me to choose how involved I want to be. Service in the church whether as a full time missionary, a Sunday school teacher, a bishop, a home teacher, a pianist, or something else is a privilege and an opportunity we can choose to embrace. Show more Show less