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Hi I'm Vicky

I grew up in a little community in Northern Utah. I'm a grandmother, retired elementary school teacher, and full-time caregiver.

About Me

I am a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 22. I am a survivor of open heart surgery to have my aortic and mitral valves replaced. My husband has Parkinson's Disease for almost 13 years now. We served a mission together in Salt Lake City in the Family and Church History Mission before his disease made him so that he needs help with every daily routine. My life is in the process of change and simplifying. I went from teaching reading to third graders to spending my days helping my husband. We are preparing to move from a large two-story house to a small home with all the rooms on one floor. My children have been helping me make our new home handicap accessible. When those changes are complete, we will move. Then we will begin the long process of emptying the large house and preparing it to sell. I have gone from being very involved in many hobbies and activities to basically being at home with my husband. At times I feel lonely and discouraged but then someone will call me or bring dinner or do yard work for me or ask me to help them or come and visit me. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints my whole life. My ancestors crossed the plains pushing handcarts. I am grateful for their sacrifices they made to help settle the town I grow up in and for their testimonies of Jesus Christ. I feel blessed for the great life I have been given and for the wonderful people I have had the privilege to grow up with, to work with and know.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because the teachings of the church and the organization of the church have made all the difference in the quality of life I live today. I love listening to and doing my best to follow our Prophet and the Twelve Apostles. When I was a child listening to General Conference on the television with my family, I remember feeling great joy every time the Tabernacle Choir sang. I told my mother I wanted to sing with that choir some day. I began singing every where I went. My mother said she could hear me a block away from our house singing as I walked home from places. I sang with groups and choirs and took vocal lesson whenever I could. I never have had the opportunity to join that great choir, but my husband and I sang with the Mormon Choir of Washington DC for many, many years. One time the Tabernacle Choir came to the DC area and the Mormon Choir of Washington, DC did sing with the Tabernacle Choir. So in a way, that dream has come true. I am Mormon because I want to honor my heritage. I love my family. I honor my family. I want my children to know of their heritage and of the wonderful men and women who have given their all to defend their faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I have seen what the blessing of living the teachings of the Savior has done not only for my forefathers but for all the people who helped to raise me in my little home town. How my friends and their families have been blessed because they followed the teachings of Jesus and honored their heritage. I am Mormon because I love Jesus Christ and want to become more like him. The teachings of the Bible and the Book of Mormon will help me to do that. I love learning about the life of the Savior and going to Sacrament meeting where I can think of Him and remember what He has done for me. I love going to Sunday School classes where we are not studying the New Testament. Our teacher helps us to understand the scriptures and to try to apply the teachings in our lives.

How I live my faith

Each day I try to better live a Christ-like life. I begin my day communing with Heavenly Father in prayer. As a result, I feel I have been guided throughout my life and helped in making decisions and in making it through each day. I am grateful for the Lord's companionship and guidance. I was not alone when I went through my open heart surgery. I could feel my Lord's sweet spirit with me. As my husband and I ride our stationary bike and eat our breakfast, we listen to scriptures. We love listening each day to the words of the Lord. Our spirit and bodies both need nourishment to start the day. Each month, we fast and pay the money we would have spent for food to our ward to help families in need. We love helping others this way and have been blessed spiritually and physically because of this principle of faith. Pay tithing has also been put to the test. Our family has been blessed greatly because of the Law of Tithing. My mother and grandmother set a wonderful example of faith by going to the temple often. My mother still goes at least once a week to the temple. My husband and I and my children are trying to follow their example of going to the temple often. This