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Hi I'm Staci

I want a HUGE family! I want to dance and teach french. I'm a missionary in New England. I don't like Corn....I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to interact with people. Ever since I was a kid all my teachers would say "she is great, but talks to much" or what my mom would call me "a social butterfly" I have never really been afraid to talk with people. Being a missionary helps me to talk with everyone I meet. My major in school is french. And recently I have been thinking about going into music as well. Someday I would like to teach in Jr. High. I guess because when I was that age there were just few teachers that were able to get through to me. And to really help me see whats really out in the world. I want to be an influence to young kids who are struggling with wondering who they are or who they could be. Some of the passions I have would be dancing and singing. I grew up doing those things. They have helped me a lot during times of stress. I am currently a missionary for the church and love every minute of it. Everyday I get to talk with tons of people and get to share with them what I love most.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized when I was 8 years old. I remember liking church and wanting to share it with my friends. When I reached about 12 years old I had started wanting to follow the world. I wanted to do all the things my friends were doing. I wanted to do the things I saw on tv and movies. I wanted to be popular. I started doing what I wanted getting myself into trouble. Started hanging out with the wrong people, stopped wanting to believe in God and going to church, stopped wanting relationships with my family. Until several years later at age 20 i found myself at rock bottom, being in utter darkness, even in the middle of the day. looking back at my life seeing all the terrible things I have done to myself and to others. wishing for a way out. I was stuck in a situation i couldn't get out of alone. No where to go except up. As i offered my first real prayer in years. I felt the love of my Heavenly Father. And a gentle hand that I could hold onto so I could get out of the mess that i had created around me. It wasn't easy to turn away from all the things i had done. to give up certain habits. But the blessings i was receiving instead was far more worth it. As i started changing my life, going to church, and reading the book of mormon i had an overwhelming desire to share this gospel with the world. to share my story. How i came to know that their was a God. And how He is so loving and merciful. I am a mormon because this is where I was guided by our Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

I am currently a full time missionary in Maine i served in New Hampshire for 6 months previously! I bring the message of joy to people. I live my faith by striving to be the best person/missionary I can be aka example. The greatest example to me is Jesus Christ. I try to follow his ways by doing the things he does. He cared for the poor, helped the sick, talked with the lonely. And I to can do all those things. I try have charity, patience, diligience, love, faith, obedience just like Christ. I share the gospel with as many people as I can. Sharing my testimony of how I came to know this was true. And how I came from complete darkness to being in the light and being Happy for the first time in a long time.