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Hi I'm Ashley

I have grown up in Greeley Colorado. It's a town, consistently growing as well as the church. I've been a member my whole life.

About Me

I currently am a college student meandering through school trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I had a plan but has definitely been tweaked to where I want to make sure that what I will do, will benefit my life, the future I will have, and those who I surround myself with. I want to better serve others that will positively influence their life. In this day, people need to be motivated, leaders, and an inspiration for good. With that said, I am weighing my options of what interests me. Music is crucial for me. It is the expression of the soul and gives greater meaning to our desires, emotions, and thoughts. It is also the international language. Everything can be communicated through music. I expose myself with foreign music all the time, day by day for the world is suffused with sound. The outdoors, especially the mountains define a lot of who I am. I find them to be a natural temple. I use to live in a tent for a few years as I taught a Leadership Skills Class on a High Ropes Course. I became involved in that by being associated with the Boy Scouts of America. I served as a President and a variety of other positions in a crew. Boy Scouts has taught me valuable skills and increased my affection for the outdoors. Education is also important. I love surrounding myself in learning. Metaphysics, human anatomy, physics, and other miscellaneous things intrigue me. I love teaching as well. I come from a family of teachers.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother is a convert yet my dad comes from a long line of members. It's interesting to note the difference between my two families. Even though I saw the difference, I never applied it growing up to myself. As I became a teen, I felt as if I needed to follow the influence of my parents. And in influence, I mean pressure. As a teen, you become rebellious in your own thinking. I left the church for awhile and became involved in other sects of Christianity. I found it more appealing because most of my friends belonged to other churches. I found socializing more appealing. Anyway, one day I was talking with the Pastor and he had told me some things that I knew were innately wrong. Through self discovery I came back to the church, discovered the basic fundamentals, and tried to weave them in the fibers of my character. I had to gain a testimony of what I was taught as a girl but had to gain my testimony for myself and not for my parents. You can only lean on someone else's testimony for so long. Until trial comes, it will ultimately be on you to make it through. Recently it has been tough, and I think that can be said for anyone. Losing yourself can be hard, especially when you have a plan. Your expectations are not met and you can feel unaccomplished. Yet service and prayer go a long way. In the depths of humility, one can realize there is much more they are capable of. "For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction." Come what may, and love it. We are of this chosen generation and we have the capability to choose. Also another thing I learned is, " Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself." Don't stress about what might happen. Focus on what is important now. "Thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better." I have learned come what may and love it. Don't stress. Live and love truth, for it will define our lives for the better!

How I live my faith

Oh, I am constantly on the go. Between work and church I do not have any time to do much of anything else. Church occupies a lot of what I do. I plan activities for the young single adults. Basically, I design activities for college kids. It is a fun and challenging thing to do. My mission and goal is to bring unity among the kids, to establish a place of security, where one can grow in friendship and faith. The activities I plan should influence unity. In my church, also known as a ward, it is only of college students. Which, in and of itself is great because you are socializing with people who of your own age and going through very similar things. Everyone meets in a church building of the University of Northern Colorado school campus. Every night of the week there is something to do. Monday and Tuesdays there is knock out or Ultimate Frisbee. We have potluck dinners throughout the week. There is usually an activity held over the weekends. Also during the week, there are classes held that you can take to increase your knowledge not only about the gospel but about important qualities or skills. For example, I am taking a leadership class. It is amazing that I can live my beliefs and standards with people every night of the week who are of my own age. In Corinthians, it says, we are of one body. Through Christ we are one. We function together and can come regroup, recollect, and reflect every Sabbath Day and worship together. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It is filled with remembrance, reflection, and preparation. I solve my worries, remember what is important, especially of the Savior and the eternal covenants I have made, and prepare myself for the upcoming week of what I need to do better. I love serving my ward. I love being apart of it. When serving your fellow men, you are in the service of your God. And when losing yourself in service, you realize there is so much more to find within yourself. I am so grateful for this gospel!