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Hi I'm Kelsey

I am a busy Mom, Wife, and Aunt, and I have a passion for baking delicious treats and cakes! and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My name is Kelsey, I am a "stay at home mom", but I also work as an executive assistant from home and I babysit my niece for my sister who works full time. It is great it is like having a baby without really "having a baby" ;) I also like to decorate cakes on the side. Making cakes and delicious treats is one of my favorite things to do. When you bring someone a cake the smile on their face is priceless. I have an amazing husband that I adore and three great kids that keep me busy. My husband is in sales and is pretty much my best friend. We love to cook and watch movies together and we cannot wait to serve a Mission together. My oldest son is currently about to graduate from High School and is preparing to serve a mission. He is the tallest person in our family, so he is always our "goto" guy for high things on shelves. He loves sports and his football team just won the VA State Championships! My two beautiful daughters are full of energy and they run me around in circles and I love every minute of it. My older daughter has epilepsy and she has a few learning delays. She is also our family peacemaker. My youngest daughter has high functioning Autism and we did years of therapy with her and she is doing excellent. She is mainstreamed and is verbal and is our fashionista and our resident singer. She has her moments where you need to show a lot of patience and love, but she loves everyone she meets.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon Church, I am Mormon because I choose to be though. Growing up on the East Coast gave me a lot of opportunities to share my Faith with many people. I was never shy about being Mormon and what that meant to me. In High School the main topic on conversation swayed toward the the Word of Wisdom which focused on why I didn't drink or smoke. My friends were very respectful of my choices and if anyone was not they were quick to come to my defense. As I grew older I realized there was lot more to being Mormon than just following the World of Wisdom, attending Youth Activities and Church on Sunday though. I realized that being a Member of His church is a daily ritual of scripture study, prayer, and service unto others to name a few. It is something that isn't just done on Sundays or in passing. I am a Mormon because I have a true and unwavering belief in the Book of Mormon and in my Savior Jesus Christ. I believe that it was through the humble prayer of a young man, Joseph Smith, that the World was forever changed and that a light was brought back to the Earth that is spreading to every corner and will touch the heart of millions upon millions of men and women. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Everlasting it can bring about an amazing change in any person that chooses to accept it. I believe that our Savior atoned for us and loves us. Our Father in Heaven knows each and every one of us, and He loves us and wants us to be with him when our time on this Earth is done. I know that even when I feel alone I am never alone. I am am Mormon because I have parents that loved me and sacrificed so much to join this Church and taught me that good things are worth working for like my testimony. I work for it everyday with prayer and scripture study, fulfilling my calling, serving others and my family, and having faith.

How I live my faith

Faith is this life is so essential. It takes faith just to get out of bed sometimes everyday. I remember a time when about 10 years ago, our family was going to the LDS Temple in Provo UT. We were going to be sealed as a family, that is when you are joined as a family forever so that when we pass on from this Earth we will be together forever. Our daughter was 15 months old, and I was out with my mother running errands for things we needed the day before going to the Temple. My daughter was in her carseat in the back of the car. I stopped at a friends house to pick up my son Duncan, when I came out to the car I looked at Christina and she was having a seizure! I immediately ran to her side of the car and got her out of her seat and screamed for help. I felt so helpless with my child limp in my arms. All I could do was have Faith as I prayed in my heart that she would be ok. We were rushed to the hospital and my Father and Husband met us there. They gave our little girl a blessing and I knew because of the Faith that we all had everything would be alright. Our family was able to be sealed in the Temple the next day. That day was even more special because of what happened the day before. I live my Faith everyday. I pray to my Father in Heaven. I read my Scriptures. I try to serve those around my by taking notice of those that might need help. I am in the Youth Program in our congregation. I teach the Young Women and I love it. They are full of love and light. There is no greater joy then seeing their Faith grow and sharing my Faith with them each Sunday and weekday night as we gather. I share with people that my son will be leaving soon to serve a full time Mission for our Church, and that we are finishing up his paperwork. We will be finding out where he will be serving soon. It is by Faith that I am sending him out into the world to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for two years. Faith guides us and directs us and gives us hope it leads us to wonderful things.