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Hi I'm Kaylene

I'm proud to say I'm a Mormon. It is a lot like saying "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

About Me

As a young woman growing up in a active Mormon family, I always had a goal to get married and have 6 children, then spend my life raising those kids and serving in the church and community. When I was only 19, I accomplished that first goal and married a good man, we have been happily married 32 years. The next goal was not so easy in our case. Within a few years of our marriage we learned that having biological children was not an option for us. Though I shed many tears the next four years I did manage to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree with a double major in Psychology and Home Economics. About a year after graduation we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt a wonderful baby girl. Three years later we were blessed with a boy. I was happy but my goal was always 6 children. I wanted more. Eventually we did get our six. We adopted two boys with spina bifida, and two more children from an orphange in Eastern Europe. My goal was reached, but life was truely a daily struggle. I am now 52 years old, the two oldest are on their own, the youngest is 11. Life is much easier, but I miss the pandamonium. In my spare time I enjoy working in my yard, gardening, sewing, reading, and keeping track of friends and family using FaceBook and texting. Life is good.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a home where my parents were active in the Mormon church. I was taught by both instruction and example. I was loved and I was happy. Yet, there does come a time in life when what your parents believe is no longer enough. You have to know for sure, for yourself, that what you were taught is right and true. I never had a huge moment that I can say "that is when I believed for myself". Over time I just came to understand for myself, through prayer, obedience and the comfort of the Spirit of God that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was God's true church on the earth today. One day I realized that I just knew that I knew. It was enough for me. Over the years I have had more simple manifestations that this Church, with prophets, apostles, teachers, and leaders is true. As I serve in different capacities, both when I am asked and when I am prompted by the Holy Ghost, I have a feeling that this is right, God loves me and those around me, and He wants us all to be happy. The organization of this church is a perfect way to be happy, to love and be loved. When we meet on Sunday, we are surrounded by others who are striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect, nor are they, but we are all trying. We celebrate with each other our good times, we cry with each other when the sorrows of life come. Add to that sense of community the knowledge that when I pray, I am heard and answered: That when I read the scriptures, the Holy Sprit gives a feeling of peace and knowledge that these things are true: And that through prophets, both ancient and modern, I have a knowldedge of God's plan for me and that Jesus Christ is the only way to return to Him: That the priesthood of God has been restored on the earth today, and that through that priesthood in our Temples I can be sealed to my family for time and for all eternity.

How I live my faith

In this church we are given many opportunities to serve. You might be a leader, a teacher, or a helper. I have had the opportunity to do all three. There are times that I have enjoyed where I was asked to serve, other times I have not liked it at all. But I always try to do my best. I truely believe God is in charge. Through revelation our leaders "call" us to serve in different ways. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not. We all learn from each expereince, and in this church we are given lots of experience. Every day I try live the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it makes me happy and because I know it is true. When days are hard I know I just have to keep trying and believeing. I teach 12 year olds in Sunday School. They are talkative, energetic, and not sure why they need to be in class. It's pretty hard to keep them interested, and I often fail. I know many people who are better teachers than me, but for now, this is my opportunity to learn and serve these kids. I pray every week that I will love my Sunday School class, and that the kids will learn and feel the spirit. I do my best and leave the rest in the hands of the Lord.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are happy. It's not that life is easier for us, it's just that we understand a bit more about why we are here on this earth, and what we need to do. Men and women are equal in importance, they just have different rolls to perform in a family. Men are to teach, protect and provide for their family. Women are to nurture, or in other words take care of the family. My husband has always held a job and supported our family financially, I never have. That's not to say I couldn't, I have a college degree, I choose to stay home with the children. I have never felt inferior to my husband, or left behind as he achieved his professional goals. My life simply centered around my family and how best I could serve them. Life as a stay at home mom can be boring or exciting, like any job it is what you put into it that counts. I love my life as a mormon woman. My husband loves and respects me for what I do as much as I love him for what he does. We are a team. Live is good. Show more Show less