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Hi I'm Bill

I'm a Mormon. Grew up in California and Utah. Travelled the world full time for 9 years.

About Me

I'm a multiple generation Latter-day Saint. Married within the last 10 years. No kids. 2 ill-behaved cats and 6 clean chickens. I teach the 7-8 year olds in Sunday School about gaining a moral compass. It's challenging and rewarding. They kind of are my kids. I also work in the local Latter-day Saint Temple. That has really a blessing in my life for the past 5 or so years. I gained a beginner's testimony of the Book of Mormon prior to being a missionary in Australia. I say beginning, because it continues to grow as I work on it. I have travelled extensively for my work on every continent full time averaging 3 months in each country. That was a great experience in getting a global perspective. However, family was important to me so I changed careers and found a great lady to marry and settle down with. Although she keeps me anything but settled. I'm an engineer by profession which is challenging. I dare say I've had some struggles building the testimony and helping others gain theirs. It's my focus with the children in my class and has been a part of my focus as I've travelled and worked abroad. It's a blessing to bear my testimony whenever I can. I hope I can communicate it well here. I hope all is well with you.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a multi-generational Mormon. Born in Utah. With that information, you might think I'm a pretty vanilla Latter-day Saint. To some extent that is true. However, as we all do, at one point or another we begin to question what our Parents and church friends talk to us about. And, at 19 years old, I went over-seas to teach the Gospel. This was a humbling experience, and I knew it would be tough, So, I read and prayed about the Book of Mormon as Moroni directs and gained a spiritual testimony prior to leaving. The experience didn't disappoint and it was very tough. More quesitons about my faith and testimony sprung up from people I taught as well as in my own mind. Between the Book of Mormon, the Bible and other scriptures as well as the guidance of my parents, friends and leaders, the testimony continued to grow. Things in my life haven't followed the normal "vanilla" mormon way although it seemed I started out that way. Questions and challenges grew bigger and more intense as time went on. Things just were not falling into place like I thought they should. Again, I was blessed with sources of support, but as time went on, and I begane to be exposed to various cultures and new coworkers around the world, people begain to ask me why I did things the way I did. After sharing with several of them the gospel, my knowledge of the gospel and who I was became more and more clear. I felt a sense of being who I am regardless of what challenges came. I knew what I knew and although the questions continue to be addressed, I grew in a knowlege of not only what the gospel was, I grew in what I believe. My knowledge of both grows daily. So, now I guess I'm kind of a "Rocky Road, Borsche,Kimchi, Godu Godu and my wife would add blue berries" type of Mormon. I've been blessed that way.

How I live my faith

My faith. Well, I try to be a good example. I've worked with the Webelo scouts for a number of years. As I mentioned, I teach the 7-8 year olds in the Sunday School class. The class is called "Choose the Right". Since I'm not a father, I put my soul into those hours I spend with them. You have to be consistent and loving with them as an example. I have often told the congregation (ward) leaders my best friends are all under 14. Which is OK. I hope to maintain that. Teaching the gospel to adults and children is a passion of mine and I have been a Missionary several time in my local area. Helping them understand in simple language with my own experience mixed in can be very rewarding. Of course, I've taught the teachings on every continent and the promises it contains if people will just try Moroni's challenge for themselves. The Mormon temple work is a place where I assist visitors gain the blessings for themselves and also for those that have passed on from this life. There's not much chance to express personal experiences as everyone is given the same blessing potential, but as I'm able to give the blessings, I'm reminded in the temple of instances of same the temple blessings in my life and try to communicate that to the visitors as I work with them. I can only do that with conviction in my voice and reverence so the spirit can tell them. Also, you can't be visible to the temple visitors and children in the Choose the Right class without being a good example. I'm not perfect, and have my moments, but I make an effort to remember to live what I teach. Most important to me is that I am good to my good wife. Abuse is not something I want to have in my life or in her's. It's a horrible thing and can be past on to other generations. On a holiday, you can find me leading the singing in church, teaching sunday school and counting donations. It's kind of a lifestyle and hobby. It gives me peace. I'm better for it. Maybe tired but better.