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Hi I'm Celia

Im a mother, a wife, a runner, a big eater, an optimist, a student and Im a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Celia. I love to exercise so that I can burn off all the yummy food I eat like brownies and icecream. I also like to camp with my family every summer. I love education and learning new things, especially about my profession which is social work. Im a new mother of a little 5 month old. Motherhood has been the most rewarding responsibility I have ever experienced. Im a graduate student. I will be graduating with my Masters in Social Work in 2012! YAY! I come from a family of 13 Mum, Dad, 7 boys, and 4 girls. We grew up in the islands of Tonga, Hawaii and New Zealand. We moved to Utah in 1995 and since have appreciated the freedoms and blessings of this wonderful country! I love my Polynesian heritage as well as my spiritual heritage! I served an LDS mission in Southern Texas. I was able to learn Spanish and grew to know and love my Hispanic brothers and sisters I met there. I also visited Costa Rica for a study abroad and loved every minute there. I married my highschool sweetheart in the Salt Lake City Temple Jan 2010. Hes the best husband and father and he's just a SWEETHEART. I am also very grateful for families especially for my own! The one I have and the one I come from, all 13 of us have a firm testimony of Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and we try to live our lives accordingly! I love life and I look forward to the future with hope in our Savior Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that he loves me and wants the best for me!

Why I am a Mormon

It was when I was about 21 years old when decided to finally find out for myself if what I was taught my whole life was real and if it would be something I would want to follow for the rest of my life. I prayed and prayed for my Father in Heaven to help me know. I searched the scriptures, I prayed more, I fasted, and still wasn't sure. One day as I was reading the story of the boy Prophet Joseph Smith, I had an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace flow within my heart that God the Father and His son Jesus Christ did visit Joseph Smith in the Grove of Trees. I knew that the preisthood power was real, that the saving ordinances of the gospel can only be performed by the authority of God. The Holy Ghost testified to me in my heart that the things I have learned were and are true and that my Heavenly Father knows me, and has sent his SON to atone for me! I love HIM! I continue to feel the Holy Ghost testify of truths. I am blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As I live the Gospel today, I am able to be the Mother that my Heavenly Father would have me be, I am able to discern with the Holy Ghost the right and wrong and then have strength to follow through. I love the Gospel because amidst all the voices we hear in this crazy world, I can always hear strongly the voice of my Father in Heaven and stay grounded especially when trials and tribulations arise in my life. I have seen in my life, time and time again my Savior Jesus Christ rescuing, carrying, saving, listening, and loving me unconditionally and I am ever so grateful for HIM. I know He Lives, I know He died for me, I know He carrys my burdens when it is too much for me to bare, and He knows exactly what Im going through. I love being a Mormon because I am able to draw close to the Savior and to know His true teachings from the bible and the Book of Mormon. There is a perfect Plan for all of us children that allows is to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again.

How I live my faith

As a young child my mother and father made our faith priority in our lives. Every morning at about 6am my dad would wake all 11 of us to come out and read from the Book of Mormon together. We would say family prayers together morning and night, have our family home evenings every monday, have family dinner time everynight, and attend church weekly and so forth. Coming from a home like this, I am also trying to live my faith everyday like we used to. I attend regular church services every Sunday. During the week I read from the Book of Mormon, Bible and other church affiliated literature daily. I prepare lessons for my primary class who are 8 and 9 years old, and I teach them every Sunday. My mother and I were assigned companions to visit and teach a couple of sisters in our ward every month. I was a former sister missionary in McAllen Texas where living my faith was full time, all day everyday. We would exercise in the mornings, study and plan in the mornings, then find people to teach our wonderful message to. I love living my faith daily even now as a Mother and a Wife. By reading, pondering the words in the Book of Mormon, I am able to gain strength to go from day to day. Everyday for my job, my church callings and responsibilities as a mother and wife I rely on the spirit to guide me. The spirit has enhanced my life and has directed me to success in every way and I can only hear His voice if I try to live my faith daily. I am grateful for my Faith!

How can I know Mormonism is true?

This was one of my favorite things to tell people on my mission, that they can find out for themselves!! With what I have seen work for myself and for many other people who desire to know that Mormonism is true is by asking God himself through prayer. If you have a true desire to know and you have studied it out and have given careful thought about it, the Lord will answer your sincere prayer. Most of the times Heavenly Father speaks to us through the feelings in our hearts. As you ask Him earnestly, you will experience feelings of peace, hope, comfort, or happinesss! It truly works! I can testify that God wants you to know just as he wanted me to know. And these steps are ways that can help you KNOW! Also as the missionaries teach you, pay attention to the feelings you receive as they teach you, and you will also experience feeling a glimpse of happiness and joy! Show more Show less