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Hi I'm Mike Schofield

I'm a die hard Utes fan, I like camping, listening to music and having a good time, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a family of 6 two parents and four kids, I am the youngest, I have three older sisters, I have always had a deep love for sports and outdoor activities I have been a loyal University of Utah fan for as long as I can remember I started going to the home games In 2005 and have only missed a few since I love getting to know people and talking to them and helping them in any way I can I am not sure what I want to do for a living but I have thought about following in the footsteps of my father and becoming a Paramedic but I am still not sure. I am very Passionate about my beliefs because it is very personal to me and It has helped me so much in my life and the life of my family members, I have been blessed with Great Parents and Grandparents who have had more Influence in my life than I have deserved at times. I feel like it has been a blessing to have three older sisters who all in their own way have touched my life and taught me how to be a better person I am kind of a wimp when it comes to fighting and "manly" things but I can talk to you for hours. I am currently a Missionary for the Church in Oregon Portland Mission this has been one of the biggest growth experience in my life I am able to teach other people about a Religion that has helped me so much in my own personal life and meet great young men who have made that same choice in their life.

Why I am a Mormon

Like most people from Utah I was born into the LDS religion but I did not always live the standards of the church I fell away and went down some other roads I did whatever it took to fit in that in turn got me into Things that I should not have been doing, Then my niece was born, you would never guess that a little baby girl would have so much of an impact on your life the first time I saw her I knew there were some changes I needed to make, she was so innocent so small yet she beamed to me I could tell that she was Pure at this time I found myself searching looking for what my purpose was in life because I wanted to be a good example to that little girl like my parents and my uncles were to me so I prayed that night for the first time in years, when I prayed the thought came to me "test it" then I thought, I was raised LDS but I never read the Book of Mormon I never prayed consistently or asked if it was true I only assumed if it were it would come to me miraculously that I would not have to work for anything The answer came in the form of a baby but it was not the whole answer I knew there was a God, but what did he want me to do, what was the Purpose of life so I eventually read the book of Mormon all of it. I still made mistakes during this time but I was trying to change, everything became clear to me all of the teachings were flawless everything made sense sure there were things people of the church did that was questionable, but the doctrine was pure and in that moment I knew that This was the same church established by Christ it was the Fullness of the gospel I made all the changes I needed to and I practiced my religion now I am serving a mission because I Know that what I am sharing is Gods full plan and I will follow it from now on because I know that this is not the End but that there is more so if you are looking for the truth, read the book of Mormon, Pray, meet God halfway, I promise you that He will be there waiting for you with open arms.

How I live my faith

I am currently a Missionary in Oregon so I live my faith openly I knock on doors and invite people to Learn more about what I Believe I also Study the Scriptures every day I follow the Standards of the church, one of my favorite ways to live my faith is through service, I was raised Serving others and when I was young I did not like working I always wanted to do something else but my Dad was very Persistent and would not let me do anything until the service was done when I was young I thought it was Unfair but it shaped me into a better person, I remember one time in particular me and my dad were loading our truck for a girls camp and I was complaining saying "why can’t they load their own stuff" "this is a waste of my time" and all he said was "someday you will understand" that day came on my mission when I saw how much service blesses other peoples life’s including your own. So I try to live my faith by Example because that is what truly Converted me I was blessed to be brought up in a family that is Persistent, another way I live my faith is by accepting others, we are all Raised in different situations so we need to respect the way others are and try to help them live their lives to the fullest no matter what the situation we are all children of God and he loves all of us, we are here for each other to lead one another home, that is one of the key reasons I am here in Oregon knocking on doors riding a bike in a suit in the rain soaking wet because I want everyone to hear this message because it is Gods message. I also love, attending church and listening and reading the words of the Prophets it helps me direct my life in the right direction, I know that a life centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is FULL of happiness and love, so I will always make sure I am following the counsel from the scriptures as well as from Gods Prophets.