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Hi I'm Veronica

I'm a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS. (for over 40 years). I joined the LDS church in Alaska while in the Army.

About Me

I am single, a mom and Nana (3 granddaughters I adore). In 1976 I joined the Army. Joining the army was a wonderful experience. The best part of that journey was discovering this great church and its dedicated members. I learned about LDS and Joesph Smith, in Alaska, from a LDS member(Angela Porter), She followed her heart..shared the gospel with me. Her examples and her friends she choice to associate with converted me. Thank you Angela! My daughter is a member, and my 3 granddaughters are also members. Think about this: Because my dear friend Angela had the courage to tell me about this great church and to teach by example; she brought so much joy to many others. I will always cherish her gift to me. Remember that we can change lives for the better by sharing this gift. The gift of knowing we have a loving Father in Heaven and a Elder Brother, Jesus the Christ. He sacrificed so much for us. Now it is our turn to give back. Raise our voices and share this great gospel of love. **I want those that are not members to read my words and understand that I share my testimony with you because I want you to have the joy that we have**. Pray about what you feel when you read our stories. And never forget that you have been guided to this very moment, by your loving Father in Heaven.

Why I am a Mormon

We first have to look at the seeds that take us to the point of conversion. Mom was a catholic. She set some wonderful example for me. She prayed for friends, family, strangers and self. I can see mom reading the bible with love and praying for others. First, seeds are planted by someone. I was 25, stationed in Alaska, when I first heard the words: Mormon and Joesph Smith. It was amazing and deeply touching to know I had a loving Father in heaven and that children did not go to Purgatory. As a Catholic, I feared God. I attended a Catholic school and fear was big time. This is not to say catholic are bad people. Not at all. I just found more answers that were missing in my catholic faith...Found the answers in my new faith. As an LDS member, I love our Savior deeply and love His words. I have met such dedicated members in all these years. I was touched over and over by the members I met. They were truly children of God. I loved being with them. The book of Mormon has taught me so much about His love. Conversion to the His church is a *journey*. I believe it is not an accident that we travel on the paths we take on this journey. Heavenly Father gently guilds us to where we need to be. However, it is up to us to have that desire to stay on that sweet path. On my path I discovered the sweet love of my Father in heaven and my elder brother Jesus the Christ. Hence, the new beginning. My conversion 40 years ago has taken me on a path or a journey that has brought me more joy and *growth* than I could have ever dreamed of. I cherish my membership in HIS church, The Church Of Jesus Christ of LDS. In the name of Jesus Christ , Amen.

How I live my faith

I try to be an example to all that come in contact with me. My goal is to uplift others. When ever some one in our church needs help we will get a call from a person that is aware of the needs of our members and none members. There maybe a service project. For example, I received a call to help out with the last hurricane we had. My granddaughter (Kayelei) and I went to help collect food and clothing that was needed for the hurricane victims. I felt so thankful that we could help. What is great about our church is how we have different organizations to meet the need of all members and we reach out to none members also. I am 68, divorced and belong to a singles group in our church. We are a strong group of single women and men who try to be up lifting to each other. We do many things together. We may attend a singles conference in another state, go to dance, help those or just hang out with each other. The singles program it meant to have fun, meet singles from all over the USA and even other countries. However, it is not just about us. We may also have a service project that we can help others while attending a conference. There is so much joy in living our faith and the growth we can experience is only limited to our desire to grow and help others. I choice to live my faith every day and in every way He would have me live it. My savior is my example and I choose to live by His example. I love reading His words in the Bible. (Old and New Testament and The Book of Mormon) They are like a light in the dark for all of us.

What do Mormons believe about family?

I am so very thankful to know families are forever. I have love ones that have left this earth and I am thankful to know I will be with them one day. What a wonderful comfort this is to me. Also, I am a mother and a Nana and knowing that we will all be together one day after we leave this earth, brings great comfort to my heart. Show more Show less