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Hi I'm Deborah

I grew up in the Netherlands, was a secretary, married, then a wife and a mother, I raised my 2 choise children, And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love life, have stood on top of the world and also have known many lows, I was married twice, once outside the church, was divorced twice. I have 2 children from my first marriage, a daughter and a son, that I love very much and that I am proud of. I am a convert of this church, joined when I was 21, and have learned after many trials and tribulations to live by faith and by prayer. I learned to put my trust in the Lord. For instance, I found myself single once again when I was 54, and needed to provide for myself. Not being able anymore, because of my age, to procure a job, I prayed about renting out my rooms, as my friends had proposed. While praying some more, I decided to make a Bed & Breakfast of my home and took this idea to the Lord.The Lord agreed to this plan and inspired me. I named it and decorated my house, my Bed &Breakfast, in His Honor. I got alll the help that I needed to style my home (friends helping to paint, make a door, repair walls, putting up lamps. I put a Bible and a Book of Mormon in every Guestroom. I also again learned patience, it took 4 years to sell the house. The Lord provided me with guests and thus money whenever it was needed. I now live by myself, but still have many dreams, I love the Lord's church, and now I want to go on a mission. And after that: I hope to marry one last, final time. For the rest: there is still so much that I could do! Living with the Lord is never dull.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a reader. When 14 years old, I found a book with a peculiar title, "Book of Mormon" in our home. On the first pages I found a story about Joseph Smith and testimonies of the three witnesses... I felt that the stories I had read, were true, that this book is true! I never forgot about it. At 17, I started reading the bible, My family was not religious. After reading the New Testament, I had gained faith in Jesus Christ and in God! Before my 21'st birthday I met some missionaries in town, with pictures of Jesus, and other pictures. One of missionaries asked me "Have you heard of the Book of Mormon?" I told him we had it at home, and he challenged me to read it. I started reading that same evening. In three weeks time I finished reading the Book of Mormon. Every saturday I met the missionaries in town asked questions - they had good answers. The last time, they invited me to a conference, I declined, but made a first real appointment. That night I read Moroni 10:3-5. And these verses hit me! I decided to ask God. Realising an answer would change my life! I prayed, alone. For a long time. Then I felt a warmth gradually emerging in - and around me and till I felt I would burn! Then I heard a male voice, in my ears, my mind, my whole body, saying: "It is true. You must be baptised. You must go to the conference." slowly, the heat left and I knew it is all true! I stopped smoking. I met with the missionaries and I believed all they told me and was baptised shorty afterwards.

How I live my faith

I was baptised and received the Gift of the Holy Spirit by laying on of hands on Octobre 15, 1976. By participating in the all meetings and activities of the church, and by living my faith and following the Prophet on a day to day basis, my faith grew, and I gained many experiences with personal revelation by the Holy Spirit. My first years as a member were challenging. My friends, and my colleagues all warned me time and time again. But because I persevered, they accepted it after a while. Through the years I have been called in many organisations in the church. Primary, Relief Society, Young Women, Sundayschool. While serving others, I learn and grow. I have raised my children with the Gospel in a loving way, I have friends in and outside the church and we love eachother. I love the visiting teaching assignment that all the women share. In that way we friendship eachother, watch over eachother, give where help is needed, and strengthen. I have been doing that through all the years as a member of the church, and find deep satisfaction in it. There is a strong bond of friendship between the women in the church. My friends outside the church all appreciate the extra dimension my faith brings to our friendship. And whenever they came to activities, they loved it. Because I live with the gospel, it became a part of me and will shine through everything I do. I am a Mormon. I know it, I live it and I love it.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

As a Mormon, I see my body both as a fysical, natural body that I use during my life on earth and do things with and experience things with, but also as an spiritual body that I will take with me and that will be made into one eternal body in combination with my once fysical body. One cannot be withouth the other, taking care of my fysical body will also help my spiritual body, taking good care of my spiritual body, will also help my fysical body. I help my fysical body by trying to always do a good and honest work or service, to feed it in a healty way to give it it's strength, to give it enough rest... my spiritual body I help by giving it good spiritual food... choosing well and right and good language, good books, good films etc. If I put this in an eternal perspective, the reasons why I want it all to be "good" becomes clear... the level of growth, of obedience to Gospel principles, will define the place where and how I'll be in the next part of life We have freedom to choose! Even that place where we will be in the next life, is being chosen by us here and now in this life by our every word, thought, act. Show more Show less