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Hi I'm Josh

I grew up in the best city. I'm a student of life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a person who has experienced many trials and also many personal victories in the short time I've been here. I am not a celebrity, a professional athlete, a politician or found in the public eye by any means. I am a student in more ways than one. I attend a specialized school to further my formal education, but I'm most excited about being a student of life. I love to live life! I love to learn from others and gain a different perspective on things that matter most to me. Nothing is more intriguing to me than seeing and hearing the world through other people. It amazes me what people will share with you if you are but willing to listen. Some of the greatest lessons I've learned have come from just simply listening. I have a passion for teaching. I enjoy watching people learn something for the first time. Then when applied correctly, the 'lightbulb' affect that follows. I am passionate about sports and anything active. I enjoy good health practices and feel so good when I follow the things I know to be right. I am human though! I enjoy writing, music and art. I draw portraits in pencil. A gift I discovered in a place I would have never guessed I would discover things about myself in. I love spending time with my friends and family. I have found that the quality of relationships in my life have changed for the better, once I changed things for the better in my life. They are so fulfilling and I know they'll last.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the roads I've traveled in my life have all led me back to one place, Christ. I was a reckless teenager who didn't want to grow up. I threw caution to the wind and lived a life many have come to know and struggle to get out of. It started with partying in high school. That soon turned into my career. I lost passion and desire to live life. I went through the motions until I could medicate myself to what I thought was the 'real' normal way of living. Drugs and Alcohol took it's toll and put me into some situations I would have never dreamed I'd be in. I grew up with a good family. My parents taught me well, they gave me a good foundation to build my life on. Only problem was, I was too busy destroying that foundation that I forgot to just start building. I was almost 19 when I found myself in a 6x9 Prison cell. My thoughts and actions had led me to make decisions that I would have never made had I started building instead of destroying. I spent 3 years in prison. It was there that I became fascinated with life and how it was lived. Person after person that I talked to had such a colorful history. Their choices led them to one place. I couldn't believe I was in that same place! All the while, my mom sent me talks and articles about the gospel. My dad would send me sections of the Book of Mormon because we couldn't receive books. I read all of it. My parents and their example were the silver lining for me. I evaluated my life to the core. I had a good idea of what I wanted my life to look like when I was released. Yet upon release I still fell into old habits. It wasn't until 3 years after my release from prison that I found a few good friends. The ones that lived what they believed. This lit a fire so bright in me, I wouldn't dare ignore it. I read the Book of Mormon and prayed for quite sometime. I didn't know if I could ever be forgiven for my past. I relearned of Christ and His sacrifice. Then, I decided to change my life forever.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day, through reading and studying the scriptures. I communicate with my Heavenly Father through prayer daily. I feel it is important to establish a relationship with God and our Savior Jesus Christ. I have gained a better understanding for the role my Savior plays in my life. I serve others as He did, to the best of my ability. I have learned how real the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. When my fiance passed away many questions arose. I doubted myself and whether Heavenly Father really knew what was best for me. I felt that maybe I could come up with a better way. No sooner than that thought came, I was blessed with the realization of His plan. Our bodies are but a shell that houses our spirits here on earth. There is a distinct feeling that comes when you lose a loved one. That feeling comes when you realize they are not trapped in their bodies but that they live on. In a moment I felt how real this Gospel is. To know that they live on is to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real. I know Christ was resurrected and that his body and spirit were reunited in its perfect form. I know that through his example and experience we have that same opportunity.