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Hi I'm Michael

A fourth generation Californian, I travel the world for business. My wife and I have 8 ethnically diverse kids and I'm a Mormon

About Me

For more than 25 years I've been married to the same wonderful girl and we have eight children. That may not seem too surprising for a Mormon family but after having five biological children we became foster parents and adopted our three youngest. In doing so we changed the ethnic make-up of our little brood as we are Caucasian and our youngest three are African-American. We weren't out to change the world, we just fell in love with these three and had to be a family. It has brought some challenges we didn't anticipate, but we are a family solid and strong. Our family is the center of our lives. My work brings me great experiences and has afforded me the opportunity to see the world, but it is in the chaos of raising a family that I find both peace and joy in this life. We ski together in the winter and water-ski in the summer. I am constantly at football games, baseball games, dance recitals and piano recitals. Some type of music is always being played in our home, that comes from the children and their mother because I am not musical except that I can turn on a radio. It's a wonderful life to be part of a strong solid family, which is very different than how I grew up. Of course you may find it hard to believe if you are around when a teenager misses his/her curfew.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon to me is about wanting to live as Jesus taught. It's wanting to really be His disciple today, not just reading about disciples in the Bible. When I was Five my Great-Grandmother passed-away, I didn't understand death. I didn't understand why she died, my mother said "everybody dies at some time.". That comment stuck with me from the age of five. Why does everybody have to die? What is this life for then? For the next ten years, even-though I was very young I would frequently ponder these thoughts in my bed at night. I didn't find the answers when at church, I wasn't LDS. I always felt something was missing. I wasn't satisfied being told that there are mysteries we can't understand. Then at fifteen, I became friends with a guy on my high school football team. It seemed like we were instant best friends. I noticed that my pal never used profanity, he never went out drinking nor would he ever be present if any drinking or drugs were around our other friends and teammates. One day I asked him why, and he told me, because he believed in God and Christ and tried to live his life that way. He was Mormon, and I knew I wanted to know what he knew. The fact is each of us can know. God is real as is his Son Jesus Christ. The Heavens are not closed. God will reveal himself to anyone who really wants to know him. As I learned more about my friend, I wanted to go to his church and find out more. He said to me one day that I didn't need to be a Mormon to be his best friend. I told him I knew that...now let's go to church. For the first time, I recognized the spirit of God in my life. At only fifteen I learned of Jesus Christ and his eternal plan for each of us. I felt differently as I read the Bible, it became more real and somehow I understood it better. I read in the Bible and Book of Mormon, then I prayed about the things I learned and God did answer the prayer of a fifteen year old boy. Having a personal relation with God is Why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My faith guides my life and each decision great and small. As a Mormon our church is lead and directed by a lay-clergy or unpaid leaders. I have enjoyed an exciting career developing businesses outside and inside the USA, although rewarding it has not been as rewarding as the opportunities that come through service at church. In my opportunities to counsel others and support them in their trials, to learn and to teach about Jesus Christ, and to be strengthened in my life's trials brings a humility and gratitude for the small things, the details in life. I strive to live a life that exemplifies my love for the Savior, this guiding principle helps me to be strong when temptations arise. It prevents me from taking unfair advantage of others in business even-though I compete with those who would. I seek possibilities which will not bless only my life but those around me family, friends and colleagues. Lessons learned and inspiration received in my church service nearly always has application in my business life. A clear conscience is more precious than gold, but is often compromised for that which is of lesser value. I believe people pursue happiness, but what we really want is joy. Living this faith provides both. Living by faith does not restrain trial, pain or adversity from our life, but provides a perspective which generates understanding and hope. Hope is a powerful motivation that spurs faith. This is when we find Joy in life. joy in every little thing because we know Christ and we are His.