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Hi I'm Cynthy

I love my family. I play Celtic harp. I love to learn, draw and write. I'm of Italian descent, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am of full-blooded Sicilian descent, married for over 35 years to a wonderful husband, mother of five, and grandmother of twelve. Being with family and being a grandmother are my greatest joys! My husband and I feel privileged to be living in my childhood home in California caring for my elderly father. I was a home schooling mom for twenty years before home schooling became popular. I also worked as an aid in Colorado public schools, as an educational consultant, and wrote nearly twenty K-12 curricula. I have many interests including art, music, and Disneyland! I love having roses all year long in Southern California, but am not too crazy about battling weeds all year long. I love mild weather, a beautiful garden and peaceful places. I enjoy singing high notes, playing musical instruments, drawing, reading, writing, sewing, and baking bread. I'm mostly self-taught, so I’m not a true expert at anything, but get a lot of enjoyment from many things. I treasure my family and friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I wasn’t always a Mormon. Though Italian, I was raised Methodist and Presbyterian. When I was growing up, my family lived two thousand miles from any other relatives. As a result, we are very close. When I was a teenager, we passed a terrible car accident while traveling on a family vacation. I began to worry about what would happen to our family if something like that happened to us. A year or two later, LDS missionaries taught me about God’s Plan and that our family could be together forever. I wanted that! I became a Mormon at age eighteen. The anxiety I felt about death and separation from loved ones changed to a feeling of comfort. Although I miss my wonderful mother who passed-away many years ago, I feel completely at peace, and have no doubt that we will be together again. I look forward to that reunion. During my growing up years, I puzzled over many questions regarding life after death, the nature of God, and standards of truth that were all answered by the Restored Gospel. Knowledge and spiritual guidance from the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, and living prophets are my rock-solid foundation of how to live, rear children, and serve others. Hope in the marvelous atonement of Jesus Christ allows me to change, improve and follow His perfect example. I feel His great love for me and for my family, and I know I receive answers to my prayers. When adversity comes and trials threaten, I have wells of inner peace that come from the Holy Ghost. I wouldn't trade that for anything. As a Mormon I have the promise of an eternal family, and I also found a home in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I had never felt in any other church or religious community. I attended many different faiths in my search for the truth. Ephesians 219 talks of being "no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God." When I became a Mormon, my family extended to the "household of God." I had literally "come home."

How I live my faith

Loving and serving my family is of greatest importance and includes efforts to develop Christ-like attributes of patience, forgiveness, fidelity, and kindness at home. I've always been introverted, but never unfriendly. In my efforts to better live the gospel I realized that following the Savior meant being more willing to leave my "comfort zone" to help others feel more cared for and loved. I strive to do this. I express gratitude to God by sharing the gifts and talents He has given me. I've enjoyed teaching children music and gospel principles, playing the piano and organ for church services, and working to learn new skills to share. Singing in the Colorado Mormon Chorale for seven years was a wonderful way to share my faith through music. I currently serve women both in and out of the Church by helping in times of need. This help has meant everything from providing rides and meals, visiting the sick and elderly, to helping with cleaning or childcare. It has also meant assisting women who are looking for work, a place to live or with healthcare issues. I'm so blessed by my association with the women I serve and by the bonds of friendship and love we share. I believe it's important to express gratitude to God for my blessings and to recognize His hand in my life. Keeping the commandments,following the example of Jesus Christ, repenting quickly, establishing and maintaining relationships of trust, and sharing my faith and belief in the Savior through word and actions are all important expressions of my faith. I'm far from perfect--these are things I work at--but, I try to live what I believe as best I can.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

When we think of birth, we think of a happy event--a beginning. Death is a beginning as well. It is an extension of a life that began before we were born on earth, and that will continue throughout eternity. When we were born, we left our heavenly home where we lived as spirits, and came to earth to receive a body, to become part of an earthly family, and to live, learn and grow. At birth, we left those we knew and loved in heaven in order to enter a new and different environment and set of experiences. We were excited to come to earth and to experience mortality. Death is also a beginning, as we leave those we love in order to continue our progression in a new environment. We leave our bodies behind, but live on as spirits. Loved ones may greet us when we die just as loved ones may have greeted us when we were born. That reunion may be a happy event. Once in the world of spirits, we will continue to learn and grow and progress. We may know joy and peace and be mindful of our loved ones on earth. Because of our Savior's resurrection, at some point our spirits will be reunited with our physical bodies--well and whole--never to be parted again. Birth and death are both part of God's merciful plan--each full of glorious promise! Birth gives us new life and a chance to grow. Death takes our old and ailing bodies and gives us immortal ones with hope for eternal life with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Show more Show less