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Hi I'm Brian

Hi I am a convert the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.It was the best decission in my life to get baptised 7 years ago.

About Me

Hello, I love to play guitar and watch movies. Those are probably my too biggest hobbies and collecting textbooks I know pretty weird but everyone does something a liitle weird. I also like to read, m6y favorite author is Robvert Jordan followed by JRR Tolkien, then CS Lewis in that order.

Why I am a Mormon

My coversion started about six months before I joined the Church,I was at a Dentists' office and I had a Gideons New Testament in my hands and was conversing with a lady and her daughter. I told then I never seemed to find time to read my Scriptures. The mother asked if she could pray for me. I don't remember the entire prayer but the part I do rember is that she asked that I would be helped to find the Truth. About two weeks later I was walking to the store and saw a book laying on the ground it happened to be a study guide to Colossians & Philemon in the New Testament. Around early December of 2003 I was at home and my mother was leaving when two missionary's aproached her and asked her if she would like to hear about the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. She said "I am leaving But my son is home go talk to him." The Missionary's came to the door asked if they could come inand share the Gospel with me, I agreed. They asked me if i had scrpture and I went and found my copy of the affor mentioned copy of the New Testament. We talked about the Gopsel and then they shared Moroni 10:3-5 with me in the book of Mormon. Next they challenged me to see if I would come to churdh Sunday I told them I don't really know anyone there and I don't have a ride. That was no problem for them. They told they would be there and that a ride would be aranged for me. I don't remember if it was the second or third time the Missionarys' came over when they chalenged me to be baptised. When they asked me I was standing in the living room and I was looking at the one who asked me. It seemed like I had tunnel vission because all I could see were the two missionarys'. I said yes and as the weeks progressed to my baptism they continued to teach me about the Gospel. I was baptised on January 17th 2004 around 10 am by the congregations' Missionary Leader. Seven years later I am still a member and I know it was the best decision of my life now and forever.

How I live my faith

I love the Gospel with all my heart. I do my best to adhere to the teachings of Jesus The Christ. I have served in many capacities withing the Church when the Bishop asks me to fill a need. I have been on the Activiteis Commitie, served as an Executive Secretary, been an Emergency Specialist, and in the summer of 2010 I helped organize the day of service that we do in rememberance of 9/11. I also go into the homes of members and teach them the Gospel. One of my favorite experiences is when I went with a Missionary on a visit to a members house. We talked for like over an hour and the gentle man we visited was happy to have talked with us that night he does't get around to well. I would say that over the course of my life as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of later Day Saints one of the best things I have learned is that I love to smile and the Gospel puts a smile on my face., and when some one see's you smiling they smile back. And my favorite service to others it to tell crazy joke to get them to smile.