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Hi I'm Grant Robert Cassell

I'm 22, I sing in a band called The Behind Sapphire, I have a vintage clothing website, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in British Columbia, a few days after that my family moved to Fort St. John which is Northern BC, close to Alaska. My childhood was spent moving all around BC including places like Quesnel, Delta, and Surrey. I currently live in Langley, very close to the new British Columbia LDS Temple, I have three sisters, an eleven year old brother, and a Shih Tzu dog. As a child and teenager, I enjoyed and worked a lot on cars and motorcycles. I now own a couple of old Volkswagen Beetles, and an old cafe racer motorcycle. In high school I joined a Band and was joined by my band mates in composing our first self titled album. Since then, we have released a couple music videos, Including one with the beautiful and talented Actress Jodelle Ferland toured Canada a bunch, and have had our songs hit Television screens. I love to sing, play trumpet, and bang on drums above stage. I also ride a unicycle, juggle, and eat more candy than I should.

Why I am a Mormon

At eight years old I found myself above the stage at church, rolling myself up in the curtains, and then spinning out of control all of which while being in the dark. A couple spins later and I found myself just dizzy enough to take a few steps off of the stage into thin air above the gymnasium floor. A few hours later I was fresh into my summer vacation from school with a two month cast covering my hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. If you haven't gotten the point yet, I'll make mention that my parents had just bought me and my sisters a kiddie pool in which all the children of the block would be attending all summer. I remember the feelings I had vividly as I watched all my friends beam ear to ear in the water. One night I found myself in tears by my bedside, all I could think about was the cool piercing water embracing my fingertips, making my heart come alive in every stroke, dreams flooded my mind. You know, it doesn't matter how old you are, God really does love you, he knows you more than you will ever know yourself. Minutes later my face, buried within my bedside I knelt in prayer for the thing I desired most. The moment I was finished, my heart was flooded with a cold rushing wind that I'll never forget. The word Yes came clear to my mind as if in that moment I was never alone. I went to bed that night with a full heart, my dreams also in conjunction. The next morning I had an appointment to get my cast shortened to only a forearms length. At breakfast I told my mom about my experience, she then shared with me her concerns of how I was only halfway through the process of my arm being fixed, that there wasn't any way that I could shorten that time. Although I trusted my mom, her words had no conviction or convincing power over the feelings I had felt. A car ride later and we were there. The doctors smile then said it all, he told my mom that he would be giving me a cast that was waterproof, free of charge. you should have seen the look on my moms face.

How I live my faith

I have the blessing of being born and raised in the LDS church, though I haven't always been the member I wanted to be. The majority of my lessons learned were done in my high school years where I can trace some of the beginnings of my testimony. You are who you hang out with right? haha. When I was seventeen years old i found myself at a fork where I wanted to decide who I would be for the rest of my life. This didnt take too long, All the answers have always been in front of me. All I had to do was test the waters in which I dabbled my feet time and again. While searching my heart I found myself vulnerable to a still and small voice. I had heard this voice all throughout my life and had yet to trust it. Years have passed and I remain the same, holding tightly to the hand of the person who knows and loves me most, my Heavenly Father. I live my faith best by doing the things the Prophet and Savior have advised me to do.. a.k.a talking with my Heavenly Father oft, doing daily Scripture study, and serving those around me. Spending time with people who support me in good choices also helps me live my faith.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Grant Robert Cassell
Every detail in the earths surface proves divine beauty and perfection. The intricate ways in which the tree plants its roots so deep in the earths soil deliver a peaceful and calming reassurance of trust in the perfect system built for us to live and love. Gods love is the most evident fruit of his existence. feel free to partake of it in your every hour. Show more Show less