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Hi I'm Cameron J

I Love People, I Love Music, I Love Life, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My Name is Cameron. I have Curly brown hair and am generally making noise of some kind. Since I was 8, I've lived in Western New York. It is a beautiful part of the world. Its not New York City and in fact I've never even been there. I know. Lame. In Elementary School I started to pick up some music, starting with the Trumpet. Since then. my life has started to be a very musical one haha. I got into playing and writing music all the Time. I Really Love Jazz Music. I like how spontaneous it is. Sometimes I play my iPod out loud in my pocket when I'm at the store or around town to provide myself with a soundtrack for life haha. People look at me weird. Often. I'm currently a College Student, going for Marketing and Music. Maybe both together? I'm not really sure. I Love being around people and getting to know who they are. I feel comfortable with who I am and don't have much of a shell to crack. I like being honest and straightforward with people, but that does not mean I ever need to be rude or talk down to anyone. My Dream Career would me writing and arranging music for huge groups to perform, like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Its a far shot but we'll see what happens.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have received answers to my prayers. I read the Book of Mormon and asked God if it was True. When He told me that it was, through the Holy Ghost, I started to gain a Testimony for myself. Once I knew the book of Mormon was true, one by one, every principle of the Restored Gospel became true to me.

How I live my faith

I Live my faith by trying to be positive. I struggle with this sometimes because it is so easy to notice all of the trials and bumps in the road. I try to keep focused on the big picture my goal of living with God again. If I keep that in mind, then I can stay positive and move through the trials in life. I have to rely on the Savior for this because I know I am not very good at it...or really anything haha. My faults, mistakes, shortcomings and weaknesses can all be overcome by Christ. All I have to do is try my best to follow him, and trust that he will make up the difference. The times in my life when I was happiest weren't the times without trials. The happiest times were when I was totally relying on the Savior usually during my most trying times in fact He is so wonderful. I know that he has felt any and all of my pains. He has opened the way for me to have real happiness. To be free from my pains, and to obtain ultimate happiness, all he asks is that I follow his example and live my life in the way that he wants me to. That means following all of his commandments. That means being an example to others. That means being happy and positive, even when I'm dealing with the junk life throws at me. That means going to church, and reading my scriptures, and sharing his love. I Live my faith by doing doing my best.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Cameron J
No, We Worship Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, Redeemer and Master. We Love and revere Joseph Smith, just like people did in the Time of Moses. Joseph Smith was a Prophet. A Prophet is a man whom God speaks to, who then speaks to the world to bring us God's messages. This is the way that God has always revealed truth to us, his children. Christ Taught in Matthew chapter 7 verses 15-20, that we can know a true prophet from a false one, "by their fruits." He warms us to be careful about trusting men, but assures us that we can know for ourselves if a prophet is true. After learning about the prophet Joseph Smith, I prayed and asked God if he truly was a Prophet. The answer came to me that he really was. At that point, any true prophet deserves our utmost respect and admiration, but certainly never become a point of worship. We reserve that for God. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Cameron J
This is actually a question that is near to my heart. I recently served as a Missionary for 2 years in and around San Antonio Texas. I spent time in Helotes, Boerne, Austin, Universal City, and with a Congregation in North San Antonio known as the San Pedro Ward. For 2 years I shared my personal Testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ, with anyone who would listen. As missionaries we devote ourselves full-time to serving the Lord and serving everyone we can. It is not an easy position to be in. In fact, for me at least, it was about 95 percent rejection. We spend a lot of time being ridiculed and mocked. But when someone is really willing to listen to the Savior's message and Act on it, it outweighs every second of hardship and allows us to share in the our Heavenly Father's joy. He is overjoyed as one of his Children chooses to follow him, and we get to take a glimpse into that. Its an amazing feeling. The reason we go out and proselyte, knocking on doors or however we do it, is because we know that our message is true. We know that the Blessings of the Gospel have touched us in our personal lives and we want to share that with as many people as possible. We may not be the best teachers or always have every answer, but we do know that our message comes from Jesus Christ. Because it is true and it is His message, it Can and Will help Anyone with Any problem they are facing in life. Why do we do it? Because everyone deserves to know how much the Savior really Loves them. Show more Show less