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Hi I'm Jeannette.

I'm a reader, a writer, and an aspiring linguist and teacher. I love the power of words, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My life is marked by combinations. As the daughter of a quadrilingual American father and a Salvadoran mother, I grew up with opportunities to interact with people from all over the world. As a kid I used to worry that by putting my foot in everything, I risked never finding a place of my own. Instead I've found that my heritage and eclectic friendships let me experience the best of many worlds. Each environment teaches me to learn, grow, love, work hard, and appreciate diversity. I'm blessed and inspired by every side of the spectrum, and boy, do I eat well!

Why I am a Mormon

I think everyone hits a point in life in which they wonder, "What am I doing?" and, more importantly, "Why in the world am I doing it?" My parents are LDS, but they never forced me to go to church. I just did went because I enjoyed it and it felt good. But, as a teenager, I found myself asking, "Do I really do it for ME?" So I started from the beginning. I thought about the things I'd been taught my whole life. They sounded reasonable, but I needed to know they were REAL. So I studied everything I could find. Hard. When I was ready, I got down on my knees and just asked God to tell me if it was all true. The answer didn't come. It was discouraging, but I felt comfortable about the direction my life was going, so I kept doing what I'd been taught and tried to live my life. One day, as I studied scriptures outside on a beautiful day, I found myself overwhelmed by familiar words and knowledge. My mind was filled with memories of the times that God had given me comfort and strength through the Book of Mormon. I was overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude for the blessings the Church had brought to my family, and I recalled how promptings of the Holy Spirit had kept me physically, emotionally, and spiritually afloat. I was enveloped in peace. Since that day, though faced with trials like everyone, I've lived the Gospel to serve and grow ever closer to the God who has blessed me in so many ways all throughout my life.

How I live my faith

My faith permeates every aspect of my life. When you know why you're here and where you want to go, you have a desire to keep walking the direction that will take you there. Testimony shapes every action, even getting up for school or work. Every day I pray for guidance, read the scriptures to receive it, and hunt for opportunities to love. I live my faith by giving hugs, constantly learning, trying to listen, and ending each day by checking in with my Heavenly Father through prayer. Most of all, I want to share the feelings that the Gospel gives me by leading me to Christ: cheerfulness, peace, a sense of belonging, a sense of support, and the feeling that no matter what, everything will be fine.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

The best way to increase our faith in Jesus Christ is to get to know Him. Just like all relationships, the more time we spend with Him, the better we get to know Him. The great thing is, He's always available to comfort, strengthen, love, and forgive. Read stories about Him in the scriptures. Learn about His life and the things He's said. Most importantly, try relying on Him and see what happens. I have found that Jesus Christ will always come through, and that by and through Him we can experience the sweetest feelings of love, confidence, acceptance, mercy, and joy that we will ever experience in life. Let Him be there for you. Let Him listen to stories about your day or the way that you're feeling. Pray to the Father in Jesus Christ's name and you will feel power and love more wonderful than any other. He is real. That's the best part. He's actually there; He's actually listening. And He is ready to comfort and encourage you. I have been humbled and delighted to find that He has been there for me when I let him be -- every single time. Show more Show less