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Hi I'm Anisha

你好, Howdy & Aloha! I'm a chocolate addict, international teacher, grad student, and I have a miniature donkey named Billy :)

About Me

Howdy and Aloha! My name is Anisha, I sing a lot and very loudly (much to the annoyance of my siblings). I'm a Texan! I graduated as an international English language teacher from BYU-Hawaii, and am about to spend all of 2014 as a private English teacher in Germany. I'm also a grad student, working to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I have taught in Mongolia and Hong Kong. While in Hawaii, I worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and maybe I met you there ;-) I'm learning that God loves me no matter what (you'd think I'd know this by now, right?). Because of my own struggles with depression and anxiety, I decided to change my career path and become a counselor. I want people to know that they aren't alone, that they don't have to be perfect, and that with God all things are possible (though it may be on His timeline). One day at a time is all he requires. Sometimes, one moment at a time. :) I love reading an addicting book, particularly when it is chilly and raining outside, and I have a blanket and a fire in the fireplace. I also enjoy traveling God's big world, and seeing just how similar we all really are.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel has taught me that every struggle or hard choice presents an opportunity for me to choose to trust God, or to worry and fret. In choosing to trust God, I'm choosing to trust that the Atonement will include me, and that my responsibility is to head in the right direction. Heavenly Father just asks me to try, and to sincerely repent and keep trying when I fail. It's as simple as that. :) In my travels and discussions with friends, I have encountered a lot of truths, just not all together in the same way as the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has them. Even though I was raised in the church, I have tried to examine my beliefs from many angles, and have always found that living these teachings of Christ always bring me happiness, wisdom, and help me love myself, and others more (which can be a challenge sometimes). So many fears are erased in this Gospel, and so many hearts are lifted. I love being a Mormon because I have been taught God's plan of happiness and salvation, and I can see the big picture of how richly Heavenly Father has blessed His children, how dearly He loves them, and how simple the path is to return home to Him, to also be with my parents and siblings forever. That perspective makes all the hard things a lot more bearable.

How I live my faith

First, I recognize that I'm not perfect. From there, I try to remember to make my love for God my reason to do the right thing. Christ said that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord above all else, and to love others as ourselves. To me, helping people see themselves as God sees them is not only the best service I can render, but the best way I can live my faith.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

I think some people call Mormonism a cult for the same reason I think people who don't like chocolate are in a cult: I haven't taken the time to understand them! Being from the Bible belt, I have had some thorough inquiries as to subject of my worship (Heavenly Father and his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ), the methods of my worship, and all of the particulars. Each time, the inquirer has come away with a much different perspective than what they previously thought. All it took was taking time to learn, and getting answers from the source (and not a random book or website). Truly, the similarities between the practices of my faith and any other Christian denomination are overwhelming! (Besides being at church much longer than other folks! Why? Because it's that awesome!) Sunday worship at a chapel, Sunday School, Wednesday night youth activities, missionaries, Sacrament (communion), baptism by immersion, and on! Yeah, our church is structured differently than the majority of modern day churches. This is because it follows the exact pattern Christ prescribed and outlined when He ministered and established His church in His day. We believe God loves His children the same yesterday, today, and forever, so He still speaks to them through revelation (inspiration). Yep, there are some parts of the history of the Restored church that make folks curious (like polygamy), but we believe it had a purpose at that point in time, but no longer as some dissociated break-off sects do. Show more Show less