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Hi I'm Erik

I live with my wife and two daughters in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a pediatrician and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I claim Atlanta as home, but I'm not a true Southerner. I was born in the midwest and lived in Canada before moving to Georgia with my parents and siblings. I have also ventured out when I lived in Bogotá, Colombia and when I went to college in Utah. Now I have been back for nearly a decade and look to continue calling Georgia home for a while. I enjoy the outdoors and athletics. Soccer and wrestling are my favorite sports - I love to watch the world cup and play some pick up games when I can. I love to speak Spanish when I get the chance. And I like to try new foods and explore other cultures. One great thing about international cities like Atlanta and Toronto is meeting people from all over the world and learning about different ways of life. I enjoy what I do taking care of sick kids in the hospital and keeping others healthy in the clinic. Although it is hard to see a child get sick, there is nothing as rewarding as taking care of them. Kids are remarkable and they help me learn to be a better person. When I get home my main pastime is spending time with my family. Whether it is playing with my children or teaming up with my wonderful wife to finish the chores so we can all go out for a walk that is what I live for.

Why I am a Mormon

I learned about the church growing up from my parents. Growing up in the church did not mean that my beliefs went unchallenged or that they came automatically. As a teen I was asked to speak about my beliefs publicly. That caused me a great deal of reflection and soul searching. I wanted to tell the truth, but how did I really know for myself? Through that process I remembered prior experiences and feelings that I had had when attending church and giving service. My "leap of faith" in this case was recognizing the answers I had already received and believing them. Following that experience I had a peaceful confirmation of that truth. Subsequently I came to know with surety of other truths through the Holy Spirit. I knew that reading The Book of Mormon helped me feel closer to Jesus Christ and it made me want to do good things. Drawing from repeated experiences I knew that it must be from God. From that point on I have continued to grow following this pattern of study and prayer. I felt so strongly about these things that I wanted to share them with others so I went on a two year mission to Colombia. On multiple occasions I have witnessed this process work in the lives of other people. I am a long way from perfect, but belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made me so much a better person than I would be otherwise. To me being a Mormon means following Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I came to know of that for myself.

How I live my faith

My faith is something real to me. It is not blind. It does, however, require me to step out in the dark and believe in believe in something I don't know for certain. Living my faith means that I need to act like Jesus Christ would and in all aspects of my life. Working in the hospital can be difficult. People are often emotional and stressed. That has allowed me opportunities to be compassionate and kind. Sometimes when people are upset conflict arises. If I look at the person in front of me as a child of God I am able to look beyond the situation at hand and show love for them - often times a stranger. Living my faith also means helping out in the community -we might visit a neighbor, be involved at school or just do good like helping someone when their car won't start. At home it means being there and being patient. I try to contribute and share the burden with my wife by changing some diapers or picking up toys - I am usually tired, but so is she. We view our family as a commitment and we approach it as a team working to build it and investing in it. We teach our children about Christ and have a family night each week. I try to give them my attention when I am home and they do a great job of supporting me when I have to work long hours. On an individual level it means regular prayer and scripture study - no matter how busy I think I am. It also means making right choices. These are often not the easiest things to do, but I know that they will make me the happiest.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Yes, Jesus came to the Americas after his resurrection. In the New Testament Jesus said that he had "other sheep" to see (John 10:16) which included the faithful people in ancient America. The Book of Mormon is the account of those people and describes His visit as a resurrected being. He did many of the same things in the Americas as in Jerusalem. He healed the sick, blessed the children, taught the gospel and organized His Church. Show more Show less