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Hi I'm Tyler

Golf is my game, Tyler is my name, and our Savior is always the same! That's why i'm a Mormon!

About Me

I love being outside. There is nothing like cool mountain air, rain in the face, or watching the sun go down. The world is a pretty cool place, I don't know how people can say that a God didn't create this world.... LOOK AROUND! It is perfect and it is beautiful. Someone or Something had to have created such a magnificent place. The Universe is a work of art, down to the very detail. I feel closest to my Father in Heaven when I step outside and look around at all of his wonderful creations. When was the last time you took a moment and really looked around? Lake Powell, and Zions National Park are but two of my favorite places in the world to sit back and marvel that, YES there is a god, and YES he did Create this world that we are now on!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a mormon you ask? It just makes sense. Our Heavenly Father is our Dad and he loves us a lot but as any parent knows, "you can't raise a child by yourself", there must be a bit of seperation time where we are allowed to choose for ourselves. This is truly the only way we can grow and continue to progress. As we know children can be hard to raise sometimes, and parents every once and a while just need a break. So what do they do? They call a babysitter, and they go out for the night. They don't just call any "babysitter" though, they call the most trust worthy person they know, one they know they can trust and one they know will be able to get the job done. Our life on Earth is no different. God has always called babysitters to help him carry out his work. He gives them authority to carry out his commandments and laws. Without the authority of the parent given to a loyal babysitter, us as the children would over time change the parents rules and laws; therefore men today must have this authority. We know these men with Gods authority today as Prophets of God. I cant see any parent who truly loves there child sending home the babysitter or removing there authority before the child was once again "home" safe with the parent. Why would God be any different? He loves us more than anyone and anything. He will not lead us astray, and he will not leave us alone. A true Phophet of God is not called by any person, any University, or any church; they are called by God himself, and they hold His authority to watch over and bless all of Gods children in which they are babbysitting. The most important reason why God calls Prophets though, is to keep Christs teachings, doctrines, and Church pure, true, and eternal. Christ came and he will come again. We must follow Gods chosen prophets. I know that we have a living Prophet once again on the earth today. Christ church is here, it is pure, and it is beautiful. Oh how grateful I am for Prophets, then, now, and forever!

How I live my faith

As of right now I live my faith as a missionary. I've been called by gods Prophet, and I've been set apart from the world to teach, preach, and testify that Jesus is the Christ, his church is here, and families can be together forever. Although, I don't not know all things, I know what is necessary for salvation and Eternal happiness in the life to come. We must keep an Eternal Perspective on all things. This life is so short, but yet so important. I know this message is of great value and importance. Why else would I get up at 630 AM everyday for 2 years if I didn't know that it was true? The Prophet Joseph Smith said, "I've never heard of a man being damned for believing to much, but they are damned for unbelief!" I know those words are truth, and I know Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God. We have a divine potential and the sooner we all realize that the better off we will be. We must not settle for what seems to be excepted, after all Is he not a god of miracles? Is he not the same yesterday, today, and forever? I so Testify that those who make it back to our Father in Heaven will be those who will take off the blinders, who will actually look for the signs he has given us, and last but not least those who will follow the TRUE PROPHETS of God!