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Hi I'm Caitlyn

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy the outdoors and exploring. My passion is volunteering and giving up my time for others. I'm a recent convert to the church and the only member in my family. It's been a long, tough road but I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why I am a Mormon

Summer going into my Junior year of high school, the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America, churches began to associate more with homosexual pastors. Living in a conservative town, many people began to overreact about the whole situation and felt the need to bring the issue upon my church and congregation. Sadly, this split the church in half. So much hostility filled the air and no one got along. I had grown men telling me how I should feel and act towards the subject. I thought to myself, "God doesn't want us doing this. Why in the world is this happening?" I was literally yelled at for not having an opinion about how the church should be. My family and I decided not to go anymore because of all the turmoil. A few months later, I began dating an LDS boy, now on his mission, and we spoke of religion very lightly. One Sunday he asked me to attend church with him because it had obviously been a while since I had been. Automatically I felt the spirit and began to ask more and more questions, but I never really responded to the feelings that I felt. Leaving for BYU, he and I were still dating and I honestly already had my testimony but I never prayed about it. One night I began to cry because I wanted to be accepted in a church again, he encouraged me to pray. I did just that. I put my head under my pillow and pretty much asked, while praying, if it was true. I felt nothing. A few seconds later I had this strong feeling and voice in my head, "Yes. This is true." I literally said aloud, "Holy guacamole!" I called him back and he told me, "Caitlyn, you just gained your testimony." I still never acted on that feeling. I just sat back because I was terrified of what my family would do, say, and feel. A long and stressful few months later, I told my parents.(They know I walk to the beat of my own drum, so nothing seemed to scare them Seven months after gaining my testimony, I was baptized by one of my dear friends who has helped me through all of my ups and downs.

How I live my faith

Institute is where its at for all of you college students out there! Attending institute is such a blessing to me and my life. I was encouraged to attend institute even before becoming an official member. In fact, many people thought I was a member at least three months before I was baptized. Anyways, attending classes at least once a week just made each and every day after SO much better. After attending the Doctrines of the Gospel class taught by the friend who baptized me every week, I couldn't even go home to finish homework. I went home and pondered, wrote, and talked to other members about how I was feeling and how much peace and knowledge I was gaining. Institute is such a blessing. Especially for those who aren't attending BYU, because it brings you closer to others whom are just like you. I've met so many great people through institute and I encourage others to participate in the institute on their college campus.