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Hi I'm Rory

I'm 22 years old. Currently attending college to earn my degree in psychology and early childhood development and I am a Mormon!!!

About Me

I was raised in the Church by my Awesome Grandma. I love to sing, act and just be a funny guy. I love doing things at random at any time. I am currently serving a mission in the Colorado Denver North Mission. I am having an awesome time out in the mission field and I am constantly finding new ways to grow. My family consists of me my grandma and my father. I also have 3 awesome half sisters a cousin who is like a sister to me and lots of awesome aunts whom I love to death and love to hang out with and mess around like all the time. We are not the average family but we love the way our family is. I love to work with Children they are so super fun to encourage and to inspire them to learn and do new things. A little more about me I like to have FUN. That's a word that's not thrown around too often anymore and it pains me. Like previously stated I love to mess around and just be an all around fun person.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I choose to be so. When I was 14 I fell away from the church and tried to find new churches and a new way to live but somehow mormonism always came back to me in my life. Finally at 19 I started to go back to church with the encouragement of my friends. At first I didn't want to go back to church I was just appeasing my friends. I finally prayed about it to get a real answer. I learned that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the earth today and gained a testimony of the teachings found in the Book of Mormon and of the Truthfulness of the Everlasting Gospel. I also gained a strong testimony of Prophets like the one we have today Thomas S. Monson. He really is Gods prophet on the Earth Today. He leads and guides the church in such a way that when we listen to him and his counsel and the counsel of The Apostles/General Authorities we can never be led astray. I also have another reason Why I'm a Mormon. I myself never thought of going on a mission to serve the Lord. When I went back to church as previously stated I was going because I knew it was right. It never once crossed my mind after that to serve a mission. In august of 2010 I prayed to Heavenly Father for direction about what the next step was. In half an hour I got my answer. My Bishop had called my Grandma and told her that he wanted to talk to me about serving a mission. I couldn't believe it. Me serve a mission. At first I said to myself ok what can I do to get out of this what excuses do I have. I came up with several good excuses and went to see the Bishop a few hours later. I told him every excuse I had and he took each one and slashed it. He told me there was no reason for me not to serve a mission. It was that day that I took the steps necessary to be worthy to serve a mission. It is my testimony that I know the Lord loves us. That he hears our prayers and answers them. It may not be in the way we want or expect but he does answer them!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing things that I know God is pleased with. It's a childish aspect of life that we strive to show our parents our good works/deeds and we crave to show them everything that we can do that is righteous. I have to come to find that in my life because I love my Heavenly Father and have seen the miracles that he has performed not only in my immediate life, but the lives of my friends and family members that I truly truly thank him EVERY DAY and remind myself of what I am to my Heavenly Father. I am A Child Of God, I am a Missionary, I am a Son to my Earthly Father and my wonderful Grandmother, I am an instrument in the hands of the lord to do the most amount of good that I can while I am on the Earth. I am a future: Husband, Father, Grandfather, Bishop, Stake President, Elders Quorum President, Mission President, Possibly Apostle, Possibly Prophet. I do not know what the Lord has in store for me, however I do know that no matter what responsibility or task I am given that I will have my Testimony that I know God Lives that Jesus is the Holy One of Israel. Through him we can rejoin our Heavenly Father and live with him in his kingdom by Christ's merciful act of The Atonement. The Gospel of Jesus Christ: I know it, I live it, I love it! To those who are having trouble living their faith I would say turn towards the scriptures, read them often and hold those truths in your mind. Also seek out good things online such as Mormon Messages. And may God be with us all

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Having the proper priesthood authority for baptism is important for this reason. Say you were young and you wanted to go to the movies. You have your money for popcorn, you have your ticket but now all you need is "permission" to go from your parents. You ask them and they say no. Having that special permission to go is very important. It's the same with baptism. You may have a really nice person in mind to baptize you in a church but unless that person has that special priesthood authority from God to baptize it's not by Gods permission to be baptized. Show more Show less