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Hi I'm SueAnn.

I love my family and black Licorice, I am married to my best friend, I donated a kidney, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a mum, although my kids have flown the nest. I'm a wife, I married my high school sweetheart and I still think he is Mr. Wonderful!! I'm 46 although some days I feel like a kid and some days I feel almost 100. My dad lives next door so I am one of those trying to watch out for and help generations on both sides.  Last fall I was very lucky to be able to be part in saving a life. A wonderful 19 yr old boy that we know desperately needed a kidney, and as he was adopted from Haiti, his famiy was not an automatic match. We had the same blood type so I offered to be tested. There is a Hymn we sing in the church "Because I have been given much I too must share" the song goes on to talk about my glowing fire, my loaf of bread, but hey, I had a kidney to share, so ... I was glad to put the principle into practice! (he's doing awesome by the way!!)

Why I am a Mormon

 I was raised in the Anglican church, but after Sunday school age, we mostly only went on Easter and Christmas. I have always had a love for my Savior, and a desire to follow him, when I met with the missionaries as a 21 yr old who was still pretty newly married, I felt his love and peace and know I had found his truth. I am so thankful for the church's support and good influence in my life, it has made me a much better wife and A way better Mother and a better person all around and has led me to have a lot more joy in my life! 

How I live my faith

 By loving my family and serving others. I've always pitched in starting with candy striping as a teen-ager, to things like PAC president, soup kitchen, beach clean-up while raising our family. Now that my kids are grown, I am able to volunteer even more in my community, mostly with the Cancer Society Office and now as a big sister. I love the opportunity to still feel like a mum to someone who might need one.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I love my bible, and have read it more as a mormon than I ever did before. We believe the bible to be the word of God, and I am grateful that in the church I am encouraged to study it often and to ponder it and the important lessons God has for us in our day and specifically for me in my life. I am grateful for gospel doctrine or adult Sunday school classes, where we can study and learn from the bible together. They have brought the scriptures alive for me and made them relevant in my life. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

 My lifestyle is probably pretty similar to yours! I love hanging With my friends and family. I love movies and great food, although not always the dishes We make family time a priority and made sure we sat as a family for dinner almost every night. It's a juggle, I worked, my husband runs his own construction company and our kids were involved in things like choir and of course hockey. all the guys in this family play, even dad I am sure my youngest said hockey before he even said "mama" One big difference I noticed from how I grew up is Sunday is a different day to every other day of the week, it's the sabbath and we keep it holy. We go to church and then we spend the day out of the stores, away from the ball field and the TV stays off. It's great to have a day to recharge and to think of others and all we have to be thankful for!!    Show more Show less

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Temples are places where we can go to feel closer to our Father in Heaven and less dragged down by cares of the world. Churches of course do this too, but this feeling of peace and holiness is magnified in the temple becuase of if the sacredness that surrounds the temple. At a church you can be married for life, but in a temple, you can be married for forever, or have your family thru the generations joined forever. What a magnificent blessing, and it is one Heavenly Father wants for all his children and temples help to provide a way that all can be blessed this way if they so chose, even if this wasn't an opportunity they had in their life time.  Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I feel like someone listens and hears me when I pray, and when I am troubled and ask for guidance, I feel a sense of inspiration to take the next step, on how to carry on. I see a beauty and intricacy in the world that makes me believe there is a creator who loves us. Mostly though, I have felt of his blessings so many times as I have strived to keep his commandments, and his forgiveness when I fall short. and sometimes, I fall really short Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

We believe that sexual relations are something special to be shared only between a husband and wife. We respect and are careful of what we put into our bodies, so no alcohol, illegal drugs, coffee or tobacco. It is great to have children ranging in age from 19 to 22 and I know I don't have to worry about drinking and driving, or some of the crazy things young adults might get involved in when they are under the influence. I don't have to worry about unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

The missionaries will answer questions that you have. They will teach you about God's plan and why we are here on earth and how we can have happiness and fulfillment and peace as we navigate this life. They will be very respectful and help you in anyway they can. They won't make you feel stupid or judged and there are no dumb questions. They will always have your best interests in mind. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Infact, just the opposite is true. We are taught and believe we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father, everyone, and we are to treat each other as brothers and sisters. Most of the service I have done in the church has been for members of another faith, or really, no faith at all. Members of the church pay a tithe, as indicated int he bible and these funds are used to build and maintain churches, and pther church buildings, fund activities, etc... the church does it all without ever borrowing money or going into debt! but we also give an offereing and those funds are used to provide material assistance to those living within our own areas, cities, countries and over 150 other countries around the world in need of humantiarian aid. Over 1 billion dollars of aid was aid has been given! It matters not when help is offered if there are mormon's or muslims, or people of any faith or no faith, if help is needed, we are there to offer it, often behind the scenes. Infact, if there is a natural disaster (japan, Haiti) likely we are amongst the first on the scene with aid. Show more Show less