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Hi I'm Gerd

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in Germany, I was looking for a true Church when I was still young.

About Me

Well, I was born when World War II was in its third year. I hardly had a chance to survive. But when I was a little over 2 years old I remember bomber alarm in my grandmother's apartment complex, and all the inhabitants of the whole apartment house went down into the cellar. Then shortly after that a very loud noise, a crash, and the first section of the apartment house got hit. Again, I didn't know what really was going on. The first section of the whole apartment complex took a hit. It must have leveled that section of the apartment house right down to the ground, right along the separation wall to our apartment house section. Some time later, I found the second bomb that made the ground shake when the first one hit the other side of the apartment building, laying outside on the ground about 15 feet away from our side of the building. It hadn't exploded........ Why??? --- In the room where I slept, I remember, I slept in a baby bed, and on the side of the bed on the wall was a picture of an angel guarding a little boy and girl who were going on a small board over a creek. My mother explained to me, that was my guardian angel. And angels are send from God to guard us here in earth. My mother, at that time, taught me to pray to God. She showed how to fold my hands, and taught me a simple prayer: Lieber Gott mach mich fromm, daß ich in den Himmel komm. (Dear God, make me pius that I can go to Heaven). She made sure that I said my prayer every night in bed.

Why I am a Mormon

Then one day in January 1968, two young men came to see me. These two young men, they were maybe a couple of years younger then I was, I was interested to learn more, so I said: "well if you are from a church, tell me: where do I come from, why am I here, and where do I go when I die?" "Well," they said, "we can tell you that, but first we must tell you that Heavenly Father called a prophet in these last days, and his name is Joseph Smith." Three weeks later, when they came back,the first thing I wanted to know: where do I come from, why am I here, and where do I go when I die? Well, they gave me answers to these questions, and I soaked it up like a dry sponge. "Yes!" that was the answer I wanted to hear! "Now, do you want to be baptized?" they asked. "No", I said, "I am not yet convinced that this is the right church." They left me a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked, "When can we come back?" I told them they could come back next week, but then they asked if I would like to go to church with them, they offered to pick me up. So I went to Church with them on Sunday. Then the next week when they came back they told me that as members of their church they don't drink coffee, tea, alcohol and don't smoke. That's was another thing I wanted to hear. The health code! They had it. The missionaries picked me up for church again. Then the missionaries came back. They asked, "well did you live the Word of Wisdom?" "I have no reason to give that up." They responded: "well, we can give you that reason." "How's that," I asked. "How would you like to be baptized?" I thought about that for a moment and then said: "OK". They said the next date we have is the 27th March. I said I would be out of town, but I'd be back the following week. They said, "ok, we have that as Saturday, April 6." I said: "ok". So, Saturday afternoon, the 6 April I entered the waters of baptism. Elder Edison C Harris baptized me and Elder Kyle L Kidd confirmed me thereafter.

How I live my faith

I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and it guides me every day. I don't leave home without reading in it, even if it is just a little bit, but it makes my day go much better. I attend Church regularly, and go to the Temple every week. I was called as the Sunday School president in my ward, so I have to be an example and make sure the teachers teach correct principles as outlined in the instruction manuals for both the adults and the youth. I believe in the power of prayer and that the Heavenly Father guides our lives if we pray faithfully and regularly. In the December 2013 issue of the Ensign and Liahona, I read the article: "The Lord will return to Earth in Glory". That reminded me when I was still in Germany, in my late teens, when I was searching for the true church, I ordered a booklet called: "This Is Expecting You!". It was authored by a so-called Evangelist by the name of Werner Heukelbach and talked about the 7 time periods of the earth. Now, back to the article in the December Ensign/Liahona where it states that the righteous will be resurrected and caught up to meet the Savior in the clouds; that was familiar to me, because I had read that in that book by Werner Heukelbach. I thought: "well, that must also be mentioned in the Bible, since he wrote about it, and I found it in 1Thessalonians 4:16-17.