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Hi I'm Heywood Bagley

I love nice weather, nice people, and my religion.

About Me

I teach high school English, and I'm working on my Masters degree in Higher Education. I have a some interesting, (and not so interesting) hobbies: kung-fu, chess, french, history, conservative politics, and acting. I'm married, but no children yet, though my wife and I hope to change that in the near future. So do I get the job?

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon by choice, I say choice though I was raised in an LDS home and come from a long line of LDS forebearers. I'm a Mormon because the religion is true and comes from God, He has shown this to me daily, both when I fall short of what He expects of me and when I am obedient to what he wants me to do. I'm a Mormon because of the love my Heaveny Father has shown me through my experences in this church, and I'm a Mormon because the religion, entreats me, allows me, and demands of me that I become my best self.

How I live my faith

I am a leader in my local congregation and have a wonderful opportuninty to interact with tremendous people, from babies to 98; people that feel something like an extended family to me. As I develop friendships with others through activities, both fun and service oriented, I am reminded of how great life can be if we live according to the will of God. I also live my faith through a process of constant self-examination in effort to be honest, and a desire to better appreciate the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to see where I can improve in my associations with my fellow men.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Heywood Bagley
Mormons do not worship any being, but the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We view the prophet Joseph Smith as ancient Israel viewed the prophet Moses, or the church in the first century viewed the Apostle Peter. This church bears the name of Jesus Christ, becaue it is His church, and it is He who we worship. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Heywood Bagley
Mormon women are strong women, independent, faithful, hard-working, intelligent, spiritual, and with a strong sense of identity and self-worth. Mormon women are not weak minded, lazy, or subserviant to any man. Mormons believe strongly in the equlaity of men and women. Most of the difficulties surrounding questions of equality stem from the concept of traditional gender roles in the family unit, versus society's modern notion of apathy or hostility towards traditional gender roles. Mormons believe these defined roles are central to the functionality, growth, and happiness of each family member. My grandparents had little sign up in their house that said, "Pa is boss as everyone knows, but what Ma says always goes", I think that says a lot about their relationship, which was warm and respectful. Each mother and father, has a vital role to play in our family's well-being, and they are simply not the same role. Many find this concept difficult to accept, but it doesn't seem to have done many in society, or the family much good to reject this fundamental understanding that in the home the father is is to be a provider, protector, and spiritual head, and the mother is to be a nurturer of children, bringing them up in the pattern of the great mothers found in the scrptures. Show more Show less