Amberly: outdoors, themed parties, smile, theater, serving, love life, Mormon.

Hi I'm Amberly

About Me

I am a student at a fantastic university studying education. In all reality I hope to continue as an event coordinator since I have been working my way through school at a catering job and love it. I love spending time with family and friends and just being crazy with them. I LOVE the outdoors! Hiking, rock climbing, camping and even just driving through the mountains. I also have a great love of music. I love singing, playing the piano and am learning to play the guitar. I have also started this thing called running. I'm not at the point where I could do a marathon or even a half marathon, but maybe someday I will be able to do that. Art is another thing I love. I love charcoal and ink drawing. In addition, I love performing arts like theater. I did a few musicals growing up and love to go see them. This whole thing is so sporadic, but you should know that I loooooove Ultimate Frisbee. I don't usually get into sports, but in frisbee I do! I will take you on!!! I suppose to end this I will just say that life is what you make it. Things happen to us, but that does not determine who we are or how we act. Just smile! There's always a reason to do it. :) celebrating odd holidays...or having themed parties!!!!

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was born into an LDS family, I would not be living it fully if I had not gained my own testimony of this gospel. I have have felt the Lord's influence time and again as I searched for understanding, comfot, and strength. My life has not always been a bowl full cherries which I Love! and at those times when it seemed that no one else was there I would go onto my knees and plead with God to help me. And without fail He sends me what I need most. I also see the influence this gospel has in others. I have seen many friends make decisions that I have been taught are harmful, and I see how much pain it causes them. But once they recognize that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them they are able to find the peace and help which they need. I know that this gospel is the way to true happiness because the times when I am truly happy are the times when I am striving my best to keep God's commandments.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

This is something that i have thought a lot about. I think people get so caught up in comparing themselves with others, but we all have different strengths. What we need to remember is that because we are all different we can become strong through sharing them. I like to think of the analogy of a musical. If everyone is good at just singing, sure the singing will be great, but the dancing and acting will suffer. But it is through all of the different coaches and teachers that these people have come across in their lives that allows them to be strong and create a great show.

How I live my faith

I absolutely love opportunities to serve in my church. It can be simply leading the music during out meetings or even planning lessons for Sunday School. I also love when I visit others in my ward to just chat with them, serve them and even share a spiritual message of encouragement. After all, we all have different challenges we have to face in life.