Philip Loh: Singaporean, Human Resource, Sports, Fishing, Cooking, Travelling, Mormon.

Hi I'm Philip Loh

About Me

I'm a 50 yrs old father and husband who likes to go fishing and fishing and fishing. But only when I can find the time. Unlike my younger days where I played soccer, table tennis, swimming, jogging and any other fun activities. My favorite past time is watching movies and day dreaming. I am working for a US company as HR Manager and enjoy working with people. I am willing to face the challenge of hiring lots of people but I hate it when I need to fire even just one person.

Why I am a Mormon

I know the church when I was 17 through my friend, Linda Ng. Initially, I rejected her invitation to know about the gospel. Later, another friend commented that she was disappointed with me for rejecting a good friend's offer. I realized my mistake and accepted her invitation to her home for a Family Home Evening night. That's where I started to know about the church. I gave the missionaries the opportunity to teach me about the gospel. Or should I say that I gave myself the opportunity to know the truth. Hence, never regretted it. One lesson I learn is this, don't rejected it until you know the truth.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

In the beginning, at the time when I was investigating the church, the Book of Mormon is just like a story, a history of people living in ancient America. However, as I read more into the Book of Mormon, it became more than a history book. It is a book of life and hope because the Book of Mormon talk of Christ, it teaches about Christ and testify of Christ. I feel the teaching is true. It's a book that reveals truths and helps me to know more about God, our Heavenly Father. Each day, as I read the book of Mormon, it reveals to me of the things that I need to know and gives me answers to my prayers. The principles taught in the book teaches me to live the way God wants me to live and keep His standard. It reminds me of the necessity of life, the importance of my mission here on earth and most importantly, God loves for me and my family.

How I live my faith

I am anxiously engaged in the Lord's work by volunteering my service to the Church. Every Sunday, besides going to church and attend my services, I also involved in conducting and presiding in meetings and lead other volunteers who are serving in the ward boundary. My main responsibilities are taking care of the welfare of the youths, widows, and all members.