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Hi I'm Chandler Shipley

I'm 20, I love sports and the beach, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 20, born in Blackfoot, Idaho, but raised in Los Angeles, Southern California since I was 3. I love the beach and sports. I played Football, Baseball, and Lacrosse in high shcool. I just recently learned to surf, right before my mission, and before then did plenty of body boarding. My friends and I took numerous trips north up the coast searching for the biggest waves possible. I love spending time with my family, and taking trips with them. I attended USC, and have 2 and a half years completed. I plan to be an exercise science major, and a minor in Business. Im not extremely sure what i want to do after that, but i have a lot of options. I love living in Southern California, and just living life in general. I do normal things, and have normal interests, and I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

This is an interesting question. Why I am Mormon now, is a lot different than why I was a Mormon as a kid. I was a Mormon as a kid because my parents were Mormon. So naturaly, I attended church and did those sort of things with them. But at a certain point, I needed to make my own decision about continuing this lifestyle. I needed to know if it was something I really believed in.  I was in college, working towards my degree, with a pretty serious girlfriend, but the next expected phase in life as a mormom was to serve a mission. I had all the reasons not to go on a mission, but instead I decidedto do what I would be asking many others to do, if I decided to serve a mission. So I prayed. And I recieved an answer but It did not come all at once. And actually, this was frustrating to me. Before this, I did not understand how praying and asking a question worked. I assumed that if I prayed hard enough and with enough faith, that God would answer my prayer, and I would get this overwhelming "warm feeling" that everyone had talked about since I was young. Well it didn't come haha. One night, after my Mission Preperation Class, I decided to go to my car, stop being such a faithless chicken, and pray and ask, and then stay there until I get an answer. Like I said it didn't come. AND what I didn't understand at the time, was that I was demanding a sign from God. Which doesn't work. So, confused and discouraged out of my mind, I drove home. But for what ever reason, I decided to keep faithful and keep at it. Not to give up.I continued to pray, I continued to study, and I continued to prepare for my mission. My testimony then came slowly, piece by piece. And during a missionary prep. class, we discussed the Atonement of Jesus Christ for each individual on this earth. Until then I had never fully understood Jesus Christ as my personal savior. During that lesson, I felt incredible. I'll never forget the Joy and excitement that litterally filled my body.My prayer was answered.

How I live my faith

Before my Mission I went to Church, and just chilled on Sundays. But the rest of the week, I was at school, with friends or at the beach. Now I'm 6 months into a 2 year mission and am dedicating my life to bringing others the Gospel of Jesus Christ, primarily Haitians.

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Chandler Shipley
Jesus Christ. This is the same church that Christ established in his earth life a long time ago, before his ressurection. After, Christ left the earth, and all of his apostles were killed, his church and Authority to run it were no longer on the earth. Jesus, along with God, appeared to Joseph Smith 1820, to tell him none of the churches on the earth were correct. Through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ RE-established his church on the earth. Joseph was simply the prophet that God and Jesus Chrisrt worked through. Just like Moses did not establish his own church. The mormon church is not the church of Joseph Smith. Each were agents in the foundation of God's Church, or Jesus Christ's Church which are the same. Show more Show less

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

Chandler Shipley
The Lord Jesus Christ. He does so through the living 12 apostles. When a Prophet dies. They pray and ask, and then receive revelation directly, as to who is to be the next Prophet Show more Show less