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Hi I'm Heather

I'm an Idaho girl who finds laughing is the best medicine. I’m a student, daughter, aunty. I’m a Mormon!

About Me

 Student life can be rough at time, especially when you are on your own, taking 14 credits, in forensic science, or more a semester while working 40 hours a week. I’ve found that being single on top of that just adds to that “always Monday”. The cure for life I have found is laughing. I always find things to laugh at, especially when life is at its hardest. I also found that finding a quiet place where you can get your feelings out with no one around is a saving grace. One of my hobbies that I’m not great at, but I enjoy, is being in a band where I can learn something out of my comfort zone and be with people that help me to feel that I am an important piece of something greater. Serving people through music and laughter is an Amazing Grace.

Why I am a Mormon

Some people say that “you where born in the church, you didn’t have a conversion story.” But I know for my self that even those life long members of the church have a conversion to Gods will in their lives. I know I did. I was twelve-years-old. I was raised that every Sunday we got in our dresses and went to church, every Wednesday we had meetings with young ladies like my self, and twice a year we listen to the prophet of the church over a T.V. broadcast. But I didn’t really know why. Then one day, as a twelve-year-old girl in the Idaho boondocks, I gained a personal relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. It was a Tuesday and I had just gotten off the bus from school. My day was, what we call in Idaho, hades in a hand basket. My best friends had just turned their backs on me. Understand that these were the girls that I went to school and church with, and they decided one day I wasn’t cool enough for them. I walked through my front door of my house and fell to the floor. My angel of a mother came directly to my side and just held me in her arms. As I opened my eyes and mind to her comforting words an overwhelming feeling came over me and a small voice said, “Your Savior knows what you are feeling, I am here, I am God, and I will never leave you alone.” I know what you are thinking “she’s hearing things,” this girls crazy! I can assure you that the feeling of comfort I felt came from above, and that my savior, Jesus Christ, is real and he lives today. He guides and directs this gospel through a real prophet, just like those of old. Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost guide me daily to know of the love they have for me. They teach me of my worth and allow me to have experiences like the one when I was twelve to remind me of the unconditional love they have individually for me. God guides us through the scriptures and through the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and Jesus is My Savior.

How I live my faith

In Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John we are given the account of our Savior Jesus Christ’s suffering in the garden of Gethsemane and on the cross in Golgotha. He suffered physically, mentally, and spiritually and then died for us that we may live have the chance to live with god again. I was given the privilege to serve a mission for the lord for 18 months in the Manaus Brasil Mission, which is located deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. I learned and taught the gospel in Portuguese to hundreds of people and I love those people with all my heart. After coming home I currently teach the same principles as I did on my mission, just with a different teaching opportunity. I am currently the ward employment specialist. In other words I help others make proper resumes, get interviews and find jobs. I visit with friends, and answer question about my religion and what gets me up in the morning to start another day. I strive to serve and help others around me that may just need a hug, someone to listen or a meal. I feel that the lord gave his life for me, why cant I give him my time?

In whom should we have faith?

In my experience there are four beings you should have faith in. First our Father in Heaven who created all things on, in, and around this world we live. Second is our savior/redeemer Jesus Christ who taught us how to return to live with our families and our heavenly father. Who suffered, scarified, and died for each of us individually. Third the Holy Ghost, who by direction of Jesus Christ, tells us that He lives, and that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ loves you and They are there for you always. The last is one that I have come to learn through prayer and pondering the scriptures. We need to have faith in ourselves to follow the Lords council we receive through prayer and constant pondering in our lives. The Lord trusts us to choose the right and when He gives you an answer He knows you will have the means to achieve what ever you need to do in your life. Show more Show less