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Hi I'm Karie

Love to experience and learn what this world has for us. Passions are music, dodgeball and laughing is my disease. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a simple, quiet-outgoing, sports craze, thrill seeking, try anything new type of individual. Dessert making is a hobby of mine that makes me have the desire to see what else is out there in the world. One of my favorite hobbies, called anime, has helped me expand my talents from drawing to learning Japanese to culture seeking. I just love the Japanese people! Love to sing all the time, and I mean ALL the time. Every time I hear a random beat I just want to take it and make my own music with it. I can't help it when a beat comes on, it's almost like somebody is controlling me the moment I hear it. I think sometimes it's because there is a hidden talent inside that wants to express itself and music is probably one of the best ways that can be shown.Through a trial that I've had in my younger days, it has taught me more of how we can gain a better understanding of the reasons we go through challenges and that they all happen not for just any reason, but for a good reason. I don't think I would be the way I am today or even where I am today with out these challenges in my life. I know also that because of the challenges we have we can all help others through theirs because of ours. The things that make me happy is when I'm able to learn a new talent or in strengening the ones I already have. I think everyone can say the same thing about that. I know this life is a test so I'm going to make the most of it.

Why I am a Mormon

Well first it's because it makes me happy. Not only does it make me happy but it has comletely changed me. Many people say that the world is the limit but to me, since I am a Mormon, the universe is the limit of no boundries. God can do anything and mold me into anything that my heart desires according to His will. I'm not a Mormon because we have rules to bind us down but because since we unperfect humans that don't know what's good for us, God has given us guidelines to make us free, literaly. I've tested, tried, and heard others experiences of why they're mormons and guess what, they are happy because of them. Have you tested, tried, experimented, or attempted to follow God's guidelines? Do they make you happy? Once again, life is a test. Wouldn't it make sense that THAT is what God wants us to do to find out what our purpose is since it IS a test? I LOVE being a Mormon and am proud to be one.

How I live my faith

My faith is my life. How much more can I say. It's like Christ's faith was HIS life. If I see and make someone happy through the way the Saviour would, then that makes me perfectly intent. The reason that my faith drives me is because it gives me an indescribable peace and calmness to my soul. Mostly so because I don't need questions to life because it is ALL there. Want to know why we smile? Well wouldn't knowing with concrete answers of how you can live back with God, our literal Heavenly Father, wouldn't that make you happy? Knowing that God can help and talk to you personaly, wouldn't that make you happy? I live my faith in a way that if God asked me right now, "Do you love me enough to help my children?" that I wouldn't hesitate to answer.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom is a commandment that God has given His children to follow so that we can receive all the blessings that He has promised us. It's about not taking tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea and illegal drugs into our bodies. I don't know about you but I don't know what specific things that can harm our bodies. With logic reason especially, I'd say that God, who has made the Earth and galaxies, most likely would know how to keep our bodies completely healthy. I know most of them are obvious but I've heard most people talk about coffee and tea. I know that one of the reasons is because of the addictive substances that are in them and we are to stay away from any type. Even though we all know that there is caffeine in so many other things, such as chocolate, God tells us that to stay away from anything ADDICTIVE. Now the rest is up to us of what those addictive substances may be. Some things that I've learned is that since our bodies are a borrowed gift from God we should treat it as so. If you let someone borrow something, wouldn't you want it back exactly the way it was when you lent it out? It's a borrowed gift so that we can use it to experience and learn the ways of how we can live with our Heavenly Father again and to take our knowledge and experiences with us since that's all we can take with us when we die. Since I've tried to follow this commandment and tested and tried it, I know that God KNOWS what he's doing. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Well first, we're not trying to keep ANYTHING secret. Everything that happens in the temple is ALL symbolism and even if God allowed anyone in, nobody would understand anyways. All things in the temple is sacred and even some mormons can't go in unless your worthy and prepared to receive the teachings that are taught in them. What every member in the whole church focuses on is the whole picture of the end result of where we will be for eternity with our families. The temple helps us make promises with God and it's the place where we can feel closest to God, a feeling of peace, and complete happiness. It is nothing like a cult that some people might think. Since we believe that everyone is brothers and sisters, and since we all are spirit children of God, we all wear white in the temple to show that we are all equal and the same and all have the same purpose in life, to be tested and live back with our Heavenly Father. These are the things that God wants us to work toward in life, to come back. That's it. Meaning that doing the work for the dead is part of helping His children coming back to Him. The dead can't progress without us and we can't progress without the dead. Their are seen and unseen forces out there that none of us may ever understand until God reveals it to us. We know the reasons for temples because it HAS been revealed to us through revelation. His church would not exist without revelation, hence the examples of every single apostle ever told in the scriptures. Show more Show less