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Hi I'm Sekope Makoni Uluilakepa

I was raised in Tonga, Grew up in Seattle, California, and Utaaah, and Im a Latter Day Saint!

About Me

I am the youngest of 7. I have a wonderful, amazing, and loving Mamma. My awesome, hardworking, and also loving dad passed away my senior year to the other side and me and him will reunite again when my time comes. If your unsure or doubtful about a lost loved one, PLS! ask the mormon missionaries!( Those guys might be young and maybe even immature sometimes, but they know these things.) I LOVE basketball and all the other sports I guess. I also like anything fun, Im not picky. I am competitive so beware. Playing video games is something that would be really hard for you to beat me at(See what i mean...). Kickin it with friends and family are definitely things that I like to do. My favorite food is Tongan Food.(Its too much work and energy to be specific, sorry). The most important thing in my life is God, my family, friends, church, and I am currently serving an LDS mission.

Why I am a Mormon

Well let’s go back to the beginning. I grew up in the islands and one thing I won't ever forget (never say never) is going to church every Sunday with my family. I know for a fact that because of my family's faith and dedication to the church, God blessed me and I was able to come to the states. Looking back at my life growing up, without the gospel, I don't know how bad my life would have been. Would my family still be the most important thing in my life?, would I have met all the great people and friends that I have?, would there be a purpose for me?. I am SOOOOOO grateful for the gospel in my life. A lot of people think it's easier for me because I grew up being an LDS, but I know so many others who have grown up being LDS and has left because they didn't have a testimony. I gained my testimony I would say my senior year-ish. My family played a big part in it. They always constantly reminded me to read my scriptures, and I read the Book of Mormon because it was the smallest book out of the 4 ha. But, as I was reading the Book of Mormon it made me read the rest of the scriptures. So I didn’t just read the Book of Mormon oh. How I gained my testimony from the Book of Mormon though, was pondering and praying about it. I asked my Heavenly Father for something, anything that will help build and strengthen my testimony. As I read more about the Book of Mormon, it made me want to become a better person and it increased my desire to share it with others. So I decided to serve. I hope one day everyone will see for themselves what it is to be an LDS, and find out for themselves what were talking about every time we bear testimony and why. "Don't judge a book by its cover." If you want to learn more about something, go to the source or go to the beginning. In other words, if you hear something you don't like about the LDS church, go find out for yourself if that statement is true, and when you find out that its NOT, then act. "Faith is dead w/ out works".

How I live my faith

I live my faith by reading my scriptures, prayer, and church. I read my scriptures to increase my faith in Jesus Christ, I pray to get guidance and feel love from my Heavenly Father, and I go to church to remember my Savior, Redeemer, and Brother. The things I do in my church are all mostly service. When Jesus Christ was here on earth, his whole life was basically service and sacrifice. So things that we do in church are our expression and gratitude or faith in our our Savior Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that I am a LDS Saint because I KNOW if I wasn't, I would be a way different person, a person that I know I could never be. Even if I did become that person that would be it. Heavenly Father offers us so much more than what the world can ever offer us. I don't want people to become a Mormon or a LDS saint, but I wish they would fully understand the things we stand for and believe in. I just want whoever reads this to know, that I know with all my heart that being an LDS Saint has changed my life and gave me purpose. I know these things are true because my Father in heaven let me know and he will to you too! I pray that everyone will accept the gospel of Jesus Christ some day and have a desire to live with Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ once again.