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Hi I'm Mas.

I am a Mormon in IT field. I did not believe religion before.

About Me

I grew up in Japan, married with a wonderful lady and have 5 children. I work at a major IT company as a software performance engineer for our software. I love to spend time with my wife and children whenever I have time, like working in the garden, cooking and go to the park.

Why I am a Mormon

  I was atheist before, When I read the Book of Mormon, I felt the things that were written were something that I was also believing as non-religious person. I was also amazed by the teachings of Jesus Christ. When I studied other religion for curiosity, I thought I could come out with these ideas, but when I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ, like love your enemies, I knew his teachings were from God. When I was growing up, I felt strange that Christian churches didn't call their church as "Church of Jesus Christ". I thought if there is a true church, it must be called "Church of Jesus Christ". I also knew that the Bible was written by the prophets, but I felt strange that Christian churches do not have prophets who can talk to God and believe miracles happens in this modern science era. Even though I was an atheist, when my life was hard, I wish there was God. I remember one of the hardest day, I was looking at heaven & I said, "I don't think there is God, but if you really exist, please help me". When I think back, I think it was a prayer to God. Soon after, I had opportunity to go to Salt Lake City to do some business. I was strongly against "Mormon" church by its name, "Mormon". It sounded like a cult. However, when I went to the Salt Lake City, I fell in love with the beauty of the city. It was around the time of "Thanks Giving". It snowed the night when I arrived. When I entered the city by a cab, I felt like it was like a town in a fairy tale. The cute little houses were covered with snow on the roof, and very clean & beautiful city. After the business is done, the senior lady whom I have visited strongly suggested that I should go to the Temple Square. By the way, she was a buddist. I hated to learn about Mormons, I strongly against her suggestion, but she was keep insisting for me to go there. I didn't know why this buddist lady tries to take me to Mormon's visitor center. I got in her car & she was driving me down to the motel where I was staying. On the way, we drove by the Temple Square. She looked at it and said, "Oh, it is not that crowded. You should go there now." Then she took turn on the corner of the Temple Square, then dropped me off at the south front gate. I thought after she leaves, I would cross the street & go to the mall so that I won't need to go to the Temple Square to learn about the Mormons. So, I waved her so that she would leave. Surprisingly, this lady did not leave, but waving back for long, long time. I think we waved each other for 1 or 2 minutes. I was saying myself, "go away, lady!". She won. Finally I gave up & got into the Temple Square. There 2 beautiful sister missionaries were waiting for me. I thought "These Mormons use pretty girls to bring people into their church". I tried to ignore them, but they tried to reach me & start talking to me. They asked me if I wanted a tour for "free". Again, my thought was "Free is the most expensive thing. After they take me into the church, they will take more money from my pocket". I rejected the offer & I went into the visitor center. Before I went to the Salt Lake City, I thought "Mormon" was buddist because it didn't sound like a Christian church. but when I went into the visitor center, I noticed a big picture of "Jesus Christ". I thought, "Why this buddist church has such a nice picture of Jesus Christ?" After I went through the south and north visitor center, I realized "Mormon" church was a Christian church, believing from Adam and Eve. Now I wanted to know the real name of the "Mormon" church. I looked around, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I thought that if I go to the entrance, it should have the name of the church, but I couldn't find it either. So, I walked around the outside of the Temple Square wall to see if I could find the church name. At the corner, I finally found the name of the church, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". I was happy to see a church which name is the "Church of Jesus Christ". However, I had no clue why this "Church of Jesus Christ" is called "Mormons". I met many wonderful & honest people in the city in 1 week of my stay. A young lady who was working at the McDonald was impressive. When I paid my 20 dollar bills, they were brand new money & 2 of them were sticked together. I thought it was 1, but she insisted there are 2 of them. She struggled for 1 minute to separate these money & gave me back one of them. I was impressed with her honesty. She could have taken it in her pocket. I am sure she was the member of the church because I ordered "Regular tea" and she looked frightened to even touch the "tea" bag. She actually didn't know that they are selling the "tea". When I went skiing, a bus driver was very nice to me too. I only had 20 dollar bills, but it only costs 5 dollars to get there. He had no change. I paid 20 dollars, but from the next stop, everybody who got into the bus was paying me the money until I got all 15 dollars back. One early morning, walking on the side walk in the Salt Lake City, I felt something special about this city. I felt it is very clean and holy. One evening, when I was walking along the Temple Square, viewing the all colorful illumination of the Temple Square for the holiday season, I felt, "I don't like Mormon, but this Temple Square is really beautiful". After I came back from the Salt Lake City, I started missing the city & I wanted to go back & live there. I thought about all the pleasant experiences & good and honest people, I thought maybe this church is helping people to be so good. I searched around Tokyo to find the "Bible" for "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" so that I could learn more about this church. When I found a Bible Book Store, I asked the store owner that I wanted to buy the Mormon's bible. He looked at me in the strange face & told me, "Are you talking about the Book of Mormon?" I said, "If that is their bible, I want that one". Then he replied, "I don't have one, but if you go to their church, they will give you a copy for free", then he added "but I have all the rest of the bibles. You should get one from me." I said "well, I only want the Mormon's bible. Do you know where is their closest church?", He pulled out the yellow pages & found the address for the Tokyo Temple. I got the copy of the Book of Mormon at the Tokyo Temple. When I start reading the Book of Mormon, I was amazed that the teachings was the same or better than what I was believing as an atheist. I had desire to know more about the church, I have contacted the missionaries. One day, missionaries shared scripture from the Book of Mormon, Moroni Chapter 10, verses 3 to 5 and taught me how to pray. That night, I prayed to the Heavenly Father for the first time in my life. When I prayed, I felt warm feeling in my bosom just as the missionaries had promised. That night, I knew that the Book of Mormon was true. The Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appear Joseph Smith and it is the true church. I am grateful that the Heavenly Father cares for me so that I could receive the full blessing and joy in my life. As I try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, it helps me to recognize the joy and happiness that comes from daily life with my wife and children. Now I more fully appreciate all the happy times that I have with my family and enjoy every bit of my life. I am also happy that it will continue for all eternity!  

How I live my faith

  Right after I joined the church, I was asked by the church leader to go on a mission, but I thought I was not ready as I had just joined the church & I haven't read the Holy Bible yet. While I was reading the New Testament of the Bible, I came across with the scripture saying "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest. " This scripture touched my heart & I have decided to go on a mission. I borrowed the money necessary for the mission church does not pay for missionaries, then I went to Japan on a mission for 2 years. I had wonderful time although I have experienced hardest time in my life. After the mission, I held various callings, but I had callings to work with the missionaries the longest. I am currently working with the scouts at church which my son is attending. I enjoy personal time with my son as well as with all other boys every week.