Rodney: Mormon.

Hi I'm Rodney

About Me

i have been a mormon for 25years but have only recently returned to the chuch thanx to the missionaries that came to visit me and my mum, i am a ambitious confident friendly man, i enjoy all good things in life and continue to pray for my family that they may come to know God and be saved. I live In New Zealand and reside in a city called Napier situated on the east coast of Nz.. i will continue to do my best to follow the church and abide by Gods way of living..

Why I am a Mormon

 Because i love God and Jesus with all my heart

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

By having faith, believing in Heavenly father and Jesus Christ, obeying the ten commandments been good and kind to others, that the purpose of life is to understand and love, help and encourage other people through the good andtrying times of our lives and treating pthers with respect

How I live my faith

Attend church every sunday, have fellowship with other chuch members, go with the missionaries to have lessons about the church, read the scriptures