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Hi I'm Bobby Lee

I grew up in Texas. I'm a convert to the LDS Church, but only because I was willing to test it ... and listen to the Holy Spirit.

About Me

Growing up in Texas was hot and sandy. After visiting Colorado as a child, I decided that was the place for me! Music was always a passion for me, and I spent many years playing in Rock and Country bands - and later on in "all original" bands. Unfortunately I ended up as a single parent of two children and realized that I needed a real job with some stability and reasonable hours. Now, with a recording studio in my basement, I get to continue that passion ... but still have to have a real job to support my music habit!!! Haha!!! I have a commitment of only writing "positive and uplifting" songs without the vulgare or suggestive themes put forth by so much of today's artists. Although my children struggle, I have hope that they will soon catch the vision of truth and light. I've made many wrong choices, myself, and its taken me too many years to straighten out ... but I'm so thankful for the gift of our Savior and I want only to please him with my thoughts, words and actions. I still working on all that but at least, now, I understand the plan.

Why I am a Mormon

The first exposure I had to anything remotely Mormon was at age 12, in my 6th Grade Social Studies class. I can still remember right there in my Social Studies book, it was on the right page in the left column, about 1/3 down from the top. All it mentioned was something about the crickets plaguing the Mormons in Utah and then the Sea Gulls coming and eating the crickets. I had recently been baptized but did not attend regularly. However now, since I was engaged to be married, I knew that our family would need spiritual guidance. My fiancée showed me a book that two missionaries had given her several months earlier – a Book of Mormon. Something told me this was an evil book, as I had heard somewhere that the "Mormons" were anti-Christ. Still I decided to open the book and read a passage just to see what it might say. I had been through several religious adventures in my life, including some studies with a Guru from India. Well I opened this Book of Mormon, arbitrarily, to a page and read, “Alma 31:16” I immediately said, “See … just what I thought!” and tossed the book into the trash can. Little did I realize, at the time, that in this passage, being described by Alma, this is how the confused Zoromites worshiped and spent the Sabbath day. Upon observing this, Alma and his companions realized that they were going to have quite a monumental task, in their missionary work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, to enlighten the Zoromites with the truth. Interesting to note, also, this is the only place in the Book of Mormon, that I have since found, where the phrase “and we know there is no Christ” is even written – why was this the page I had to choose? Not sure about that one, except maybe I just wasn’t ready yet to embrace the truth yet. I have since read the Book of Mormon, start to finish, many times. This book is so precious … so special … so enlightening … so inspiring … so helpful … so filled with the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

As I'm sure everyone does, I struggle, sometimes more that other times, to stay strong and focused. But reading the scriptures daily, along with earnst prayers, has helped me to be aware of my daily walk. I love General Conference and feel the spirit where ever in the United States I happen to be on a given Sunday.