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Hi I'm Colton BrockBank

I'm an Athlete, Coach and a Friend.

About Me

Hi I'm Colton BrockBank. I've been an Athlete for years helping in the wakeboard industry, snowboard industry, was a part of the Nitro Circus Live tour and helped out as a lead in video/ photo shoots for extreme sports. I love to help and talk to people and am really big on the communication game. Family wise, I'm married to my Sweetheart Taylor Leilani Naho'olewa. I have a couple brothers, Dustin and Bradon, and a sister, Jazmin and two Amazing parents Ken and Debi. I'm a big fan of my family. I lived in the beautiful state of Virginia for 2 years for my mission I served the people there, and love them sincerely. I'm currently a coach for adults, young adults, and have been working with Teens for years. Teens have been a big passion of mine, helping them along the way of being A Friend, and helping them to see their best self and Be their best self. My Faith isn't so much a restriction of anyones beliefs and actually love talking about religion with all different Faiths. It's a fun journey and look at myself as a pretty open person. I love what I believe, but don't worry how others look at it, in fact I'm more interested in others perspectives as I feel it helps me grow! So lets chat... about anything! Life, Hobbies, Boats, Earth and Spirituality, I love it all.

Why I am a Mormon

I've been in and out of the LDS church, and have zero shame or guilt for those inside or out of it. What i've come to learn for me, is the things that are taught and the universal principles/ way of life has made me feel more like ME, than anything. I call the higher power in life God. For me, he plays an massive role in the success I have in my life, and helps me a lot. I feel like it's part of my duty to see their "God Within". When others recognize the power they have, they're unstoppable! I feel i have more teachings with this organization that helps me recognize that than anywhere else, and has given me HOPE for a life to come, to see my brother who's passed on, and enjoy this life I have with my beautiful family for forever.

How I live my faith

My Faith is part of every day life. Jesus taught universal principles that, whether you believe him to be the Savior of the World or not, by abiding by his teachings, will most likely live a happy, fulfilled life. Smart fella.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Colton BrockBank
Have you ever had a clown come into your house and fix your toilet? I didn't think so... Ok no but seriously. God is a God of Order. Obedience Doing God's Will- like the savior said, "Not my will, but thine be Done" Luke 2242 One thing Christ showed us the way of doing things, is to be baptized by someone who has Authority. Just like He was by John The Baptist. Miracles can be done by anyone who has ultimate faith in Christ. The miracle of Salvation, can only be done in and through God's Authorized rituals called Ordinances. That's why they must have authority. God always has been a God of Order. Jesus's Gospel has always been His Gospel. "Jesus Christ the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever." Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Colton BrockBank
A lot of People really feel that we worship Joseph Smith- We Don't! No. We love him as a person and see him just as any other Prophet of old like Moses or Noah- but we don't look at him with Praise. We are definitely grateful for his strength as he went through a lot while Christ himself restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ Fully through him. He is a fighter! Not in the sense that he wants to go fists with people, but in the fact that he understood Christ's Gospel so much so that he wouldn't allow himself to fail. I love that. We don't Worship Joseph Smith. Only God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ. We live THEIR Gospel, not Joseph Smiths Gospel. Jesus restored HIS church through Joseph Smith and not the other way around. Joseph Smith was a great servant of God. Show more Show less