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Hi I'm Erik

I'm from the Las Vegas Valley currently studying Sociology and I love sports and music.

About Me

I'm a college student studying Sociology and Organizational Behavior. I love playing soccer and Ultimate Frisbee and if you can't find me in the library studying for my next test, I'm out running on the field. I am also a classical musician and I play piano and cello. I've been involved in starting a couple of jazz combo's, quartets, and organizing musical devotionals. Music is what I live for, even more than sports and my work. Music is what gets me through the day, whether it be inspirational or modern. In short, I'm a busy kid working, studying, playing, etc. without much of a time to spare. What I do have to spare though goes towards hanging out with friends and just taking some time to read an excellent book.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a teenager, I was faced with the decision of following my parents' faith or choosing my own path. Let me tell you that it was a struggle. I decided that if God was there, and if He did love me, then He would be invested in my decision. He would know what the right way for me was and He would let me know. I took to prayer. Often, daily, and laboriously. I almost never stopped for a whole 3 weeks. (I was taking a break from school/work). It was a time of deep reflection and a lot of frustration. I felt for a long time that God was not answering my prayers. I read the scriptures trying to find answers to what He wanted me to do and prayed for guidance. Finally, one night, I said my prayer and went to bed, but I couldn't fall asleep. I just kept rethinking of all that I had experienced the last couple of weeks and the lessons I had learned from the scriptures. At that moment I felt that I needed to pray. I distinctly remember the desire to pray to know if Joseph Smith (the proclaimed prophet) was really sent from God. Did he really receive revelation and authority to restore Christ's church on earth? As I inquired God about the prophet, an overwhelming feeling of peace came over me. I'm unable to describe it in any other way than feeling an intense and complete love. I knew at that time that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It came to my mind quickly that he was guided by the Lord to found this church. At that time I was also faced with the decision to serve a mission. During that mission I would be inviting people to read the Book of Mormon (inspired scripture translated by Joseph Smith), and pray for its truthfulness. I knew that I must receive the same witness that I would ask others to get. That same night I prayed to know if the Book of Mormon really was the word of God. Again, the same sensation swept over me and I was filled with peace and love. I'm a Mormon because that peace is with me all the time as I strive to follow Christ and his prophets.

How I live my faith

Christ's church has some amazing ways to strengthen His disciples. At least once a month, every member is visited to see how they are doing and if anything can be done to uplift or help them. This is my favorite part of the Gospel: caring for others and serving them. We visit them in their homes, share a spiritual message that can relate to their lives and seek ways to serve them. That is the purpose of the church, to serve others. This past summer I had the opportunity to teach Sunday School in my area. Every week I would prepare lessons that taught the principles and doctrine found in the New Testament and attempted to relay them to the other members in my area. It is such a wonderful moment for me each week to feel the Spirit in the room testify of Christ's love for us, His sacrifice that He performed, and His ever-open arms that He extends to us. I love learning of Him and telling others of my personal experiences with Him. Also, I am very active musically in my Church. Music is a way for me to express my deepest emotions concerning Christ and all that He did, is doing, and will do for me. It allows me to show my feelings in a way that words are blocked. I love to get into musical groups or do solos, whether piano, singing, or on the cello so that I can share my witness of my Savior and of His gospel.