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Hi I'm Walter

I am an Arcadia California civil engineer, builder, and family man.

About Me

I think I am a pretty typical Southern Californian who grew up enjoying the sunshine and city. I enjoyed the Arcadia schools from CG to AHS. I had many good teachers and coaches for swimming and water polo and my children have had some of the same teachers. I loved my LDS mission to Tokyo Japan and my studies at BYU where I was impressed with how cold it could get. I married a coed from Hawaii and moved back to LA to build buildings like the Staples Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall. It is all a team effort and I’ve had the chance to work with many great people from Ironworkers to Architects. Of course the best people I know are my family who make life great for me. Many good friends, Mormon and not so Mormon, have been great to know all along my life’s path my thanks to them all.

Why I am a Mormon

 Those who grew up with me know I was born and raised in a Mormon Family and so may think that that is all there is to my being a Mormon. And I do feel grateful to have had a good hardworking family where I learned integrity, charity, perseverance, and to say “Thank You.” Actually I think many of my friends, though not so Mormon, grew up under similar circumstances Arcadia is a good family town. But after AHS we all went our ways, and I have never found a better way to go. I’ve found that the more I pray, read the scriptures, listen to our living Prophet, and serve my fellow man in everything from being a band dad band is big at AHS to being a bishop my belief is built up and strengthened. So now independent of anyone else I can say I believe in Jesus Christ and look to Him as my Savior.

How I live my faith

 I suppose if you compared me with all the other band dads at the high school or engineers at my company I would seem pretty average – just the typical guy. I am not the smartest or most talented or most anything, yet I think I am as happy as anyone. Tough times come and go for all of us but knowing there is great purpose to life besides work, that what we do to serve others including our families is eternally important and makes a real difference because families can be forever and friendships too, gives greater purpose to all I do. Figuring out what comes first, what is really important, what brings real happiness is always a challenge having a living prophet as well as additional scripture helps. So I know that no success compensates for failure in the home. I know that an Eternal Marriage and not just a temporary one until death or shorter helps strengthen family relationships along with Family Home Evening, family prayer, family meals, etc. Of course anyone can do these things, but such things are often encouraged and done among Mormons. It is really not that hard to be a Mormon, many good people are mostly there already. We say, come with all your good and find more. I’m finding more all the time myself, I invite all to join me it is pretty good, I promise.

What is the Book of Mormon?

I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. I hope you will enjoy it as I have. Similar to the Bible, in the Book of Mormon there are many wonderful stories plus words of guidance and wisdom. Those words of ancient American prophets explain what true happiness is, tell how to develop faith, obtain forgiveness, and overcome our trials and weaknesses. We can learn of life after death and many other great things. I hope you will pray as Moroni directs on page 529 and find the truth and happiness I have. These things are true and eternal. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

In the beginning, before this world began, we all lived as sons and daughters of God with Him in Heaven. We knew and loved Him and wanted to be like Him with a body and knowledge and ability. So this earth was created and a way through Jesus Christ prepared to help us gain the body and experiences we would need to become like our Father in Heaven. So we came to obtain, and when we pass on we will achieve the level of opportunity commensurate with the level of ability achieved here in this life's test. Show more Show less