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Hi I'm Esther!

I'm a social worker and civil rights activist. I adore my husband and my two Chihuahuas; and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm married to a very intelligent and handsome man whom I've known for 7 years. We have two very different (in personality and breed) Chihuahuas: Luke Jedi (long-haired) and Charles Emerson Winchester IV (short-haired). If you couldn't tell by the names of our dogs, we are huge fans of Star Wars and M*A*S*H. I love reading and though I have a Kindle, I can't justify spending the same amount of money for a digital copy of a book--I'd rather have the hard copy so that I can annotate and dog-ear the pages. Thus, I have "free" books on my Kindle. I also like sleeping and eating sour candy --I like doing the latter while reading and the former after reading ;) I have a degree in Criminal Justice and an advanced degree in Social Work. With the two, I work at a civil rights organization fighting against injustice and the horrific conditions of confinement inside one of the largest county jail systems in the world. It's a job I love and something I'd do for free.

Why I am a Mormon

My spiritual/religious journey was quite similar to Joseph Smith in that I had experiences with many denominations within Christianity. I was born into a Methodist church while concurrently going to a Baptist elementary school; my parents changed over to a Presbyterian church and a few years attending, I switched over to a non-denominational church. I had many moments wondering which church was the right church. Each church has a different theme or different perspective on who our Heavenly Father is and what he represents. Many questions arose and few were answered, even when I approached pastors and teachers about those questions. I was first introduced to the church by my husband, who was raised Mormon and was a return missionary. He asked if I wanted to attend church with him and I said I would if he attended mine, first. He did, so I did. Though it was scary at the time (I didn't know what to expect), I remember feeling a sense of comfort and a feeling that I had been there before. After two years of being a "dry" Mormon (I had seen Prophet Hinkley twice, gone to Conference, watched 'Johnny Lingo' and countless of other 'Mormon-y' types of things), I finally decided to read the Book of Mormon that a missionary had given me when he started his mission almost 2 years ago. I finished the scriptures in a matter of a few weeks and gained a testimony that the Book of Mormon was a true testament. After many missionary discussions with the sister missionaries (especially my fear to convert because of my parents), with the sister missionaries' urging, I watched Conference with the question of conversion in my heart. The April 2007 Conference talk by Elder Anderson, "If It's True Then What Else Matters", I had my answer. After an emotional discussion with my now very accepting parents, I was baptized by the missionary whom I met two years ago (a few days before he completed his mission) with my brother present and many friends and was confirmed.

How I live my faith

With faith. With the belief that I trust my Heavenly Father. Knowing daily that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows exactly who I am, why I am here and who I'm supposed to be. By being an example to others, indirectly and directly to show that yes, I'm a Mormon, I do the same things as others, but I also don't do some things like others may do.