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Hi I'm Rose

Wife and mother of three young adults. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was 5 my father died in a storm and so my mother raised us 5 on her own. That was a hard way to grow up, but now that I'm almost 50, I think I've got some things figured out. I have three gorgeous children that are doing great and a husband that supports me in all my crazy ideas. My relatives live into their 90's so I figure I have at least half my life left and I hope to do something great with this time on earth. 

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a LDS family. My father brought the gospel into my mothers life. I didn't gain a strong testimony until I was in my late 20's. After looking too closely into the dark side I found that there was no happiness there and moved to the far side of safety on the road to righteousness and tried to stay there ever since. I've been blessed with some wonderful spiritual experiences that I hold dear and try to keep close in my memory so that I never doubt what I know as truth. The Book of Mormon speaks to me in such a way that I can turn to random pages and it helps me with things I'm going through. That is a spiritual gift I treasure. 

How I live my faith

We have moved a lot. Almost every area we move to I first get the job to teach the young girls in the ward and come up with an activity for them to do each week. The church calls this the "Activity Day Girls." Because I have done this so much I do have some pretty good ideas, as I've seen what was a hit and what fell flat. These 10-11 age girls are the perfect age to have a ton of fun with. They have contagious energy and enthusiasm. I love it. Another role I have taken at church is teaching the women on Sunday. Preparing the lesson is so great as you study and ask the Lord to be prompted on what to say. With being prepared and allowing the Spirit to lead my words during the meeting, I have had some wonderful experiences and touched lives. Nothing better.  

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

The church is based on service. We all serve. Sometimes we have bigger jobs that require more time and other times our only job is to show up and participate. All roles are important. With the help of everyone, the job is much easier. There are positions, like Bishop that obviously take more time, but this call is not forever. They usually are in those positions for 5-9 years. A bishop has counselors, clerks, secretaries, so he is not doing everything by any means. Same thing for the womens organization, the youth organization etc. Some congregations are so large they have to come up with creative jobs for people. My last job was "Food Specialist for large events" in the womens organization, and I had all the women to call upon to help me. Cushy calling!  Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Porn is shameful activity that does nothing to bring happiness to families. Viewing pornography is extremely addicting. Some have called it a cyber mistress - only they think that it's better than involving another person, thus harmless. We are meant to be with people - in a family setting. We are meant to have a close intimate bond with our spouse and raise children together. Without this fundamental unit, we are self centered ego filled mortals. WE are meant to progress and grow. Addictions keep us stuck in time, our spirits weakened. Studies say that the porn high can be greater than some heavily addictive drugs. With drugs - you can detox and get them out of your body, the urge to do it again is there, but the terrible thing with porn is that your brain stores a memory of everything you see and in an instant you can bring that back to your focus. Keeping your thoughts pure is hard enough without adding images that are degrading to your spirit. How to get over this entrapment? Only working hand in hand with the Lord can you overcome this addiction. Willpower is not enough. Just like your salvation in general - you need His grace to come into your life and allow him to heal you. Not just your inclination to seek out porn again, but to heal your mind from it's memories. Without realizing that you cannot do this on your own and that the Lord and his Holy Spirit need to be your constant companion this is a very hard road. Show more Show less