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Hi I'm Bryan

I am an attorney, a happy husband and an honored father of four. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am a dad, husband and attorney. I enjoy good books, going to the movies, a competitive game of racquetball and spending time with family. I met my wife soon after my 21st birthday and fell madly in love. We were married six months later. We were just kids. However, after 22 years it has worked out well for us. We spent the first few years of our marriage struggling through school. With the help of my supportive wife, I earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting. A few years later I finished law school. Along the way, we were blessed with four amazing children. Today, my oldest is 20, and our youngest is 14. My wife decided early in the parenting process to follow counsel from church leaders and stay at home to raise our children. Her decision has been a great blessing to our family. After law school I started work at a mid-sized law firm in Los Angeles. In early 2010, I moved in-house with one of the large managed care companies in California. My wife and I lead a family that is very Christ-centered. Our little family gathers daily for family prayer and scripture study. Each week we gather on Monday evening for what is commonly referred to as Family Home Evening. At Family Home Evening we teach about the Savior and identify Christ-like traits, which we practice during the week. I love my family. Our home, while imperfect, is a place where our children can find safety, a kind word and people who love them.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love Church's focus on the Savior. Everything about the LDS Church speaks of the reality of Jesus Christ and His role as Savior and Redeemer. The LDS Church teaches that our goal in life is to learn as much as we can about Jesus Christ and then spend all of our lives learning to be like Him. . . to be kind, loving, humble, selfless, God-centered, forgiving, all like the Savior. The Church teaches that the best way to become like Jesus Christ is to everyday practice Christ-like traits. We practice being like Jesus. It sounds so simple. However, it is harder than it sounds. I know that if we practice being like the Savior, we can improve and make great progress. Another reason I am a member of the LDS Church is because of its focus on family. The LDS Church's focus on family is based in its teachings that the family is "ordained of God." In other words, the union of Adam and Eve was preparatory to their raising of children. The Church teaches that God wants children to be born into homes where a mother and father are present and love one another. Children raised under such circumstances feel the nurturing influence of parents in a marital order ordained by God. I also love being a member of the LDS Church because of its understanding of God's love for His children today. I enjoy reading scriptures and learning of God's love for those of His children who lived anciently. Out of love for His children, God called prophets to whom he spoke and revealed His word. I am so grateful to know that God loves us just as much today as he did His children anciently. Today, we are lead by wonderful men who have been called by God to be prophets. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to teach through a modern-day prophet.

How I live my faith

As a member of the Mormon faith I live a life of service in addition to my regular employment. I firmly believe that as I spend time serving others, I am really in the service of God. Selfless service brings me great satisfaction and inner joy. For many years I have spent time working with the young men of my congregation. I have helped teach Sunday School classes and I have organized camping trips. We have also spent many hours getting dirty cleaning up neglected yards, chopping wood in preparation for the winter, clearing brush as part of an Eagle Scout service project and doing painting projects for those in need. I am also responsible for visiting the home of an assigned family in my congregation as a Home Teacher. My Home Teaching partner is my 18 year old son. Together we visit the home of our assigned family at least once each month. During our visit we share a short spiritual message and informally chat about how the family is doing. If the family has needs, my son and I do our best to help. If there are needs beyond what my son and I can meet, we notify the Bishop of our congregation, and with his increased resources, he gets involved. Our service as Home Teaching companions is a unifying force that brings my son and I closer. I have also had leadership opportunities in the Church. As part of my leadership assignment, I am involved in a community Family Values Award Program, in which couples, not of the Mormon faith, are recognized for their devotion to God and their efforts to raise their children in a faith-based environment. My faith is more than just what I do on Sunday. For me, it's every day, 24/7. The way I behave at work, while driving on the road, my interactions with others at the market, all demonstrate my love for Jesus Christ and my conviction to follow Him. I am imperfect and make many mistakes. However, I know that the Lord is forgiving. Thank goodness for that. . .