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Hi I'm Ross

I'm a Mormon. I currently live in North Idaho and strive to be a good citizen, father, husband and employee.

About Me

I am a father or 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. I have been married close to 17 years and love my family very much. We are always spending time together as a family playing softball, soccer, or simply taking long walks. We love being together and have always been a very tight knit family in everything we do. I currently work as a Marketing Director for an online company where I telecommute from home which enables me to spend more time with my family than most people. I really enjoy the outdoors and we try go boating, camping, hiking and swimming at the lake as much as possible. I also love road trips and exploring other parts of the country and exploring the outdoors all the way into Canada. I have lived in the Rocky Mountains my entire life and am always drawn to explore them more and more. 

Why I am a Mormon

My family has been Mormon for close to 180 years. My family was living in Missouri in 1831 when they first met the Elders of the Church. There was several members of the family baptized during the time which eventually led the my family moving and settling in Utah. Since then we have had 6 generations that have been Mormons. I grew up in the gospel but was not the type of person that just took was given me and lived it because I was supposed to. When I turned 18, I knew I had to make a decision to find out if this church truly was the true church or not. I did not want to waste my time if I truly did not know if it was true. I really strove to study the scriptures and to pray to know if this gospel was true. I prayed many times to see if I would receive an answer. It was not a straight forward and easy process. It took many days and weeks of work to truly determine if this is true. Through much prayer I did receive answers to my prayers that I simply could not deny. Every fiber of my being knew it was true and that this gospel was true. When you receive those answers, it is something you simply cannot deny. It is like looking at the sun and trying to explain that their is no sun. You feel it and see it and no matter what you do, you simply cannot deny it is there and what you have felt. From that day forward, I have lived my life with the full knowledge that this gospel is true like the many generations before have found for themselves. It truly has blessed my life in so many ways which has led me to where I am today. It led me to serving a mission to Quito, Ecuador teaching others about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings I have received in my own life. I wanted to share those blessings with others. It led me to finding a spouse that I could marry in the Mormon temple. It led me to raising my own children in the gospel telling them about the many answers to my prayers and relating to them my conversion story. I have told them they need to pray and find answers for themselves like I did. Our family has tried to follow the example of Jesus Christ in everything we do. We try to serve and bless others as much as possible. It is something I cannot deny to this day. Am I perfect? No. But I strive to be a little better each day, following Christ in everything I do. Trying to be the best Christian I can be in serving and loving others. I hope some day Jesus Christ can say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." I hope Christ can make the same impact in your life as it has done for mine.

How I live my faith

I serve at my Church in a number of ways. I currently work in a leadership group in overseeing the other adult men in the Church where we teach about our duties as husbands and fathers. We talk about the priesthood, serving others, taking care one another and helping each other. We try to build strength with the men of the Church by serving each other and spending time together doing family activities like having barbecues, picnics, playing basketball and other fun activities. I get the opportunity to help and look after other families to make sure they are doing ok. We visit once a month where we discuss the gospel and help each other out. I have helped many move, or take another family to the airport, or have shared blessings if someone was in a car accident. I simply am looking for opportunities to serve and love others. I get a group together on Saturdays to watch college football. Several families get together to go camping or boating. We strive to follow Christ's example but still do many wholesome fun activities together as men and as families. It is a lot of fun and I feel like others in the Church are my extended family. I know I can count on any of them if I need help. It is those friendships that mean the most to me.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Prayer has really taught me there is a God. We have really tried to incorporate prayer in our daily lives. But when we truly have difficult questions to ask like a job change, purchasing a home, where we should live, etc. that really could make a lasting impact on our family, we have incorporated prayer. We have seen so many blessings by praying and listening to the answers we have received. We came close to purchasing a home that we felt would be a good investment and blessing to our family. I remember praying asking God if this was the home for our family. I remember receiving a distinct answer of no. I was left feeling very confused and a little frustrated. I did not understand why we should not purchase that home at the time. It took another year before we eventually found the home we currently live in. Well with economy suffering and housing prices dropping, I recently saw that same home 3.5 years later we tried to purchase up for sale with a drop in over 100k in price to trying to get it to sell in these difficult times. If we would of bought that home, we would of lost all our equity we would be of put down. Do I feel blessed we did not purchase that home? Of course I do. Can God impact daily decisions like purchasing a home or finding a job. I have no doubt. God loves us and blesses us and if we truly strive to pray and listen to his answers we can be blessed beyond measure. I have received numerous answers to prayers that have impacted my life personally and my family's lives. I simply feel the love of God through these simple prayers asking for God's guidance. Show more Show less