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Hi I'm Jim

I was born into the church in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

About Me

I am happily married and we have four children all grown. I am a third generation eagle scout as are both my brothers and all our sons so our fourth gen is also complete. My great grandmother joined the church in Switzerland and rode to Salt Lake City on the first transcontinental railroad. She had to wait at Promitory Point for the ceremony while they laid the gold spike connecting both East and West rail lines together. My other ancestors came by covered wagon. I served a mission in South Eastern Australia, and met my wife while I was in college afterwards. We were married in in the Washington DC Temple which was the closest one to Kentucky at the time. I am a chemical engineer with expertise in gas / solids reactions, process design, project cost estimates, pilot plant operations, process optimization, platform development (design equipment to make new products),. I have two patents in adsorption. Currently, I work recycling teflon scrap.

Why I am a Mormon

I have had many experiences in my life when the Holy Ghost has born witness to me of the truths of the gospel in a variety of ways and means. Through answers to prayer. By means of dreams and visions that answered personal questions and enlighten my understanding. When I was called to serve a mission in Australia, went for a week of orientation and training in Salt Lake City. One thing that happened was that we missionaries were taken into a large room in the top of the Salt Lake Temple. We were allowed to ask questions of the current Prophet of the Church. We were absolutely convinced that we were in the presence of a Prophet of God in the same literal sense as Moses or Elijah. I was concerned while dating my wife that I needed to know if she was the right person for me to marry. After prayer and fasting, I asked know to help me know what I should do. I was blessed with a dream wherein I was shown everything that would happen to over the next weekend. This was the wedding of her cousin. A large affair in the another city where I met all her relatives for the first time. Since I had seen all these things before right down to the people I would meet and questions they would ask - I was very much at ease and greatly impressed my future wife, her parents and relatives. I knew afterward what God thought too. There have many other experiences. Too many for this short meeting. I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ has been resurrected and visits men on earth even today. I know through personal experience in direct contact that Prophets and Apostles walk the earth TODAY just as anciently. Listen the to the missionaries and read the Book of Mormon. Pray about it sincerely and listen to what the Holy Ghost tells you. Because this in the true restored church of Jesus Christ you can experiment on the word of God and receive your own witness it is true James R. Hasler Jr.

How I live my faith

I was a missionary in Australia. At the time I left I had a missionary deferment from the draft but the agreement was that I would be drafted as soon as my mission was over. Indeed, I received notice to report for induction within 10 days as I was getting ready to come home. I had said to myself that I would serve God and my country and if I was still alive afterwards, I could use the GI bill benefits to go to college. Imagine my wonderment and confusion as I boarded the plane in Melbourne to come home and they announced President Nixon had cancelled the draft. I have twice served as an early morning seminary teacher. Seminary is a special class for high school students usually held before school in the mornings. Topics covered in seminary include: Old and New Testaments, Book of Mormon (you may have heard that one ;-) and Church History. During the 4 years of high school one topic is covered each year in rotation. The courses cover history and theology. I have served as a ward and stake clerk recording members information like baptism dates and other ordinance information. Dispensing funds as directed by the Bishop (lay clergyman in charge of a congregation) or the Stake President (like an Archbishop over about 10 congregations in a geographical area). I have served several times as a councilor to a Bishop and in a Stake council. I served for a time as a Branch President over a small congregation (like a bishop but less members). That was interesting as it was a new branch and we had no building, no books, no hymnals not even trays for the sacrament. I am currently a financial clerk in my congregation (called a Ward). I also serve with my wife as Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) Group Leaders. We have great success helping others to use the atonement and redemption over reclaim their freedom from addictions of all types.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We can never repay our Savior for his sacrifice to save us from our sins. We therefore are saved by his grace. We are required by him to be obedient to his commandments for which he blesses us yet again. For which we can never repay him either. We in no sense earn our salvation. We show through our obedience and sacrifice that we do love him. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

I pray to God the Eternal Father in the name of his son Jesus Christ every day. I have consecrated my life to serve our savior Jesus Christ. Show more Show less