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Hi I'm Ethan

I' m from Idaho. I speak Korean. and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I was born in Idaho and I have lived there my whole life. I love sports. I played soccer in high school, and i love to watch and play many other sports. I love to snowboard. I also love to listen to music, and i am one of those people who love to sing out loud in the car. I also love to spend time with my family. I have a big family of 6 sisters and 1 brother, 3 brother inlaws, 5 nephews, 3 neices, and my loving mother and father. So family is very important to me. I was born into this church but I am not a member merely because of my family. I have found out for myself that this is true.  

Why I am a Mormon

The teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints just make sense. The doctrine is very logical, simple, and reasonable and everything fits in place. However, just because something makes sense doesn't automatically make it true. But in John 7 17 it says, "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself." So if we do what the doctrine says we will know if it is from God or from man. I guess you could say that I am a Mormon, or Latter-day saint, because I have done what this scripture says. I have tried to live the teachings of the LDS church and as I have done so I have found for myself that this doctrine truely is from God. Whenever I have tried to lived the teachings of the church I have been full of happiness and peace. Whenever I have tried to go against these principles, I have been miserable and unhappy. I am a member of this church because this gospel is the best way I have found to feel God's love and to be happy. I am also a member because I know that The Book of Mormon is true. I have read it many times and I know that, “No wicked man could write such a book as this and no good man would write it, unless it were true and he were commanded of God to do so.” I have tested the doctrine of the Boook of Mormon and I know that it is of God. Through the Holy Ghost, God has witnessed to me of the truthfullness of the book and of his church.

How I live my faith

I read the scriptures everyday and pray throughout the day to try and better myself. I try to live what I believe and what I know. I am no where near perfect but I try my best. I also attend church every Sunday and other church meetings when I am needed there. I try to help others as much as I can. We are all a family because we are God's children. We all need each others help. I love the joy that living the gospel brings. Also, I am currently serving a volunteer full-time mission in British Columbia Canada. I love to see people change as they feel God's love for them. I know that God lives. He knows us much better than we know ourselves. He loves us and wants to help us. He is there and he does care. When we feel his love, it is the best feeling we could ever experience. There is a way that we can return and live with him him again. We all make mistakes, but God knew we would. So he provided a way for us to be forgiven. He sent his son Jesus Christ, who suffered for all of our sins and weaknesses. Through Jesus Christ's atonement our sins can be washed white and we can repent so that we can be clean in order to enter God's presence.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

It seems like some people can believe in miracles, but only if they happened a long time ago. I dont understand why this is. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If he called a prophet in the past why wouldn't he call a prophet now? God's children still need guidance and direction for the challenges of the world that we live in. A prophet leads God's church and keeps the doctrines true and pure. Yes, i believe that a prophet leads God's church today just as in times of old. There have been times when there has not been a prophet on the earth, but this is only a result of wickedness when people have rejected the truth. However, God loves his children just as much now as he did in the time of Moses. He has again reached out to his children in love and called another prophet in this day. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Without the grace of Jesus Christ, we would all be helpless and hopeless. However, grace is not what some people view it to be. We are not all automatically saved just because Christ atoned for our sins. We must do more than just believe to be saved by grace. Simply believing, without action will not accomplish anything. If you have a goal that you believe you can achieve, but you never do the required actions in order to achieve that goal, you will never reach your goal. The same principles apply to grace. We believe that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, so through his grace we may be saved. So, recieving salvation is a goal that we want to accomplish and we believe it is possible. However, if there is no actions we will never reach that goal. When we show God that we are willing to do what he wants us to do and be who he wants us to be, then his grace is sufficient for us. We are saved by grace after all we can do. We must apply the atonement and change ourselves and constantly repent and become better and better. Without Jesus Christ's grace we could never do this and we could never achieve our goal of recieving salvation. Christ's grace makes our goal of receivng salvation possible, but we still must do all we can to achieve our goal. Show more Show less