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Hi I'm Richard

Californian turned Utahan, 40+ years marriage with my high school love, grandpa of ten, clinical social worker. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a grandfather that dearly loves my family. My wife and I have enjoyed over 40 in a wonderful marriage. She is an angel to me. My growing up years were fraught with termoil, but through it all I have found a joyful and meaningful life. I have worked in the field of human services, helping those with mental and emotional struggles. It has been a humbling experience to see the trials in others lives and fulfilling to see so many rise above their struggles. My needs have been simple and my wants have been minimal. I enjoy people, love to be in the out of doors and thrive on fixing things. Part of my love of nature is brought out in growing a garden. I feel that working in the soil and growing things is a way to participate in the creation process. It is wonderful to see a seed become a plant and then produce a beautiful flower or something that is delicious and nutritious to eat. It is truly a way that I have found to be close to the creator, our Savior, and our Heavenly Father, since this earth was created by Jesus Christ under the direction of His Father. My greatest joy comes from seeing our children live their lives in harmony with the gospel and raise our grandchildren to do the same. Our children are very dear to us and the grandchildren bring us enormous joy. The feelings of love I have for our grandchildren cannot be described. We call it the blessings of Abraham in our bosom. Family life is where we learn the best lessons.

Why I am a Mormon

Early life did not start out in the LDS Church. My father was Methodist. I was baptized a Methodist. Mother and Father divorced when I was two. After age two I was raised by my maternal grandmother and grandfather. Grandmother converted to the LDS Church when she was an adult. Grandfather was LDS but never attended church. As a young person I was very confused, mostly due to the nature of my family situation. Grandmother took me to church. Going to church was mostly something I did to keep my grandmother happy. I grew up where there were few members of the LDS faith. By the time I was in college I began to doubt my faith. In my third year of college, I had considered leaving the church. While in this state, a small voice inside of me said, "You have not given the Book of Mormon a chance." I committed to study and pray about the Book of Mormon. Each night I would intently read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true. About three weeks into this study I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and goodness. My attitude changed. I was viewing everything in a new light. A positive outlook engulfed me. This was no small thing. I was filled with joy. I determined that this was truth. I could not wait to tell everyone of the Restored Gospel. This led me, at age 21, to ask if I could serve an LDS Mission. I have gratefully continued on this path. This faith has brought me the blessing of a wonderful family and a productive life. Jesus Christ is the center of this faith.

How I live my faith

The teachings in the LDS Church have greatly helped me how to maneuver this earth journey. I know that there was a life before this one -- one where we lived with God the Father and His beloved son, Jesus Christ. This knowledge has helped me to see every person as truly a brother and sister to me. Teaching others the gospel is one way I have felt close to the Holy Spirit and have sensed the love our Father in Heaven for all His children. I have found strength from the gospel come into me and through me to others in their time of need. Raising our three wonderful children in a gospel atmosphere provided needed support in charting a spiritual course for their lives. They are all now parents who we are blessed to watch as they pass this strength to our grandchildren. As a church member and counselor dealing in personal problems, I have come to know that people are good at the core, no matter what they have done. My experience in helping others has often brought me in close contact with the entire gambit of human trials and sins. I have not always had the skills or the understanding that was needed, but I did sincerely care for every person I was asked to help. That love and caring comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ and from understanding His plan for all of us. From the gospel I have had strength to address my own trials and help others do the same. Every trial brought to me as a husband, parent, counselor or church leader has had a healing answer in the restored gospel.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

We love the Bible as it brings us closer to the Savior of the world and guides us on a path to happiness and enlightened living. From the Old Testament and through the New Testament we see the divine plan of God the Father. We come to know why the Redeemer was needed and what the Lord, Jesus Christ, means to us all for now and forever. We believe that the Bible is not the only truth on the earth and that other scriptures have been given to testify of the truthfulness of the Bible and to provide more clarity of the doctrines taught in the Bible. We see this as a testimony of witnesses as referred to in the Bible. When one reads any true book of scripture, the Holy Spirit will reveal its truthfulness to the person who is sincere. Show more Show less

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

As spirit children of God, we came to this earth to obtain a physical body. That body is made from the elements of the earth. Joseph Smith was visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ. He saw them with tangible bodies. We are created in God's image. The Bible teaches that we are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in us. (1 Cor. 3:16) This body is not now perfect but can become so as we live in obedience to God's commandments. Some believe the body to be evil and that we lose it when we die. The gospel teaches the resurrection is the reuniting of the body and the spirit. Our bodies and our spirits will be with us forever. At the dying of a loved one I always sense that the spirit has left their body. The real self is the spirit self. The body is the abode for the spirit. True eternal happiness awaits us as we reunite our spirit with the body in the resurrection. We are then most complete. God the Father and HIs son planned for us to become like they are in every aspect possible. They have perfected bodies and a spirit. They love us and want us to be like them in even in body and spirit. So, our design is to become like them. When we think of our body as a house for our spirit, it makes it easier to distinguish between what is good for our health and what is not. Physical Illness and tragedy can come to anyone. Even in those situations, the body and spirit can still be cared for in a way to become complete either here in this life or in the life to come. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

Jesus Christ was establishing His Church upon the earth. Many people may not see it this way. He had an organization that was his and he intended for it to last. The Apostles were given the authority to share their right to operate the Church. Apostles were chosen after Jesus left this earth. The ancient Apostles knew that the organization was to continue. It was not Jesus Christ that took the took the ancient leadership away. It was men. As a restoration of the original powers and authority the Apostleship has been restored to the earth. The long time in between, with no Apostles, is not seen in the same way by Jesus or God, the Father. Their timing does not match ours. Show more Show less