Kristy.: Mormon.

Hi I'm Kristy.

About Me

I was a small town girl who has been lucky enough to have some big city adventures. I love people and the cultures of the world. I've been to a few countries, but can't wait to experience more. I love good food and good music. I appreciate art and am fascinated with history and humanity. I love learning about what makes people tick, and feel immense joy in the bonds of friendship. I'm 32 and recently married. We're learning a lot! And we're having fun! Adventures await ...

Why I am a Mormon

I've never felt more peace in my life by doing any other thing, than by living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've felt the power of unchanging love and have had moments of feeling overwhelming gratitude , the credit for both of which cannot be given to anyone including myself but God. I am ever aware that I do not have the answers to all of life's questions, and find a sense of relief in this fact. However, we are all students of life and eternity. That is the point of us being here. I feel confident that my search for answers will not leave me wanting. Faith yields fruit. 

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

Well, all of the Savior's teachings have influenced me, but the overarching, ever abundant principle that has had the most powerful effect on me has been that of love. When we truly love people and learn how to serve them and meet their needs, whatever they may be, we become as Jesus Christ. We cannot truly love and yet refuse to serve. The enlarging of the heart and soul can only come through service to and love for other human beings. And we are blessed to feel God's love for us and those we come in contact with. We begin to be less frustrated and to see people as He sees them ... increasing our patience and kindness. This also increases our reverence and gratitude for Him and his patience and love for us. Love is indeed the umbrella under which all other principles and teachings fall. Without love in our hearts, I believe we cannot learn.

How I live my faith

My husband and I attend church near our home each Sunday. We serve together in teaching people who are just becoming interested in the church. We also spend time talking about the gospel in our home. We share our personal feelings about the Savior and find we are bound closer together through this. We study the scriptures, pray together, and try to help our families any way we can.