What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jason

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Aka a Mormon.

About Me

 I am a convert. I am currently studying Computer Game Design. I hope to bring a level of morality to the gaming industry. Some of my hobbies include playing games with friends, be it board, video, or tabletop RP. I also play some Trading card games. I also like to just do various things with friends. I like to travel when I can. I did study abroad in Japan and went to visit friends in Korea and China while I was in the area. Seoul temple is really pretty and breath of fresh air in the downtown cityscape where it is located. Tokyo temple was also nice. I like going to different grounds. I feel an energy there that I don't elsewhere.

Why I am a Mormon

There are two parts to this answer. First is why I joined. The second is why I stayed. After all, it is one thing to start on the path. It is another to stay on. Why I joined From 6th grade until I started college I was home schooled. During that time I created my own set of moral values based off the ideals I had been exposed to. When I met with the sister missionaries they, over time, were able to show me that not only did the gospel teach what I believed but took it to the next level and showed that connection. Everything seemed to make perfect sense as we talked and discussed different aspect of God's plan for us. Meeting the sister missionaries also was quite inspired. I have had a friend in the church for a long time. We talked about the church from time to time but he never pressured me or anything. One day while I was at my college I had walked to about the center of campus when I stopped. I asked myself "Should I go to the Library or the Cafeteria?" I got the feeling I should go to the library even though I had just come from the building right next to it. That is when I ran into one of the sister missionaries. I saw the people walking hurriedly past her, even a person on crutches - no joke -, and felt bad for her so I decided to stop and talk with her. Why I stayed First was my friend. It opened up a new connection between us that has brought a level of happiness that I wouldn't have otherwise known. Another big part is the blessings. That may sound selfish but most of the blessings I have received have been ones that helped me to fight off the temptations of the world. These have helped to strengthen my faith and knowledge of this gospel and to know that this church is true.

How I live my faith

My community is a bit on the strange side. It is a very spiritual town but a lot of the people don't like organized religion, especially those of Christian background. I try to keep in touch with the other followers of Christ, regardless of denomination, at a bible study group. Even if we don't agree on everything it is still nice to see people with similar ways of living and the same love of Christ. I work in the branch I attend, a branch like a ward is a segment of members in an area who get together for church services branches just have fewer members than wards, as an assistant clerk overseeing membership records. I make sure our records are up to date and that we send the records of the people who move to their new ward or branch. To keep the spirit at home I try to keep a copy of the different scriptures in the living room as well as my own copy in my bedroom. I made my wallpaper on my computer a picture of Christ that I really liked. It is called "Lost and Found". I also try to keep in touch with the sister missionaries who taught me. I also try to keep an a tab to a church website open at all times when my browser is open.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

This is hard to do and I don't know if we can do anything to stop it in a quick and decisive manner. I think it is something that will persist for quite some time as it is one of the greatest weapons in Satan's arsenal. This is not to say that we are going to lose and that we should give up. I just mean it is best to be prepared for a long challenge. As a convert I wasn't always told pornography was bad. I became addicted to it like most other males in this world. Some of the things I have done is to stop looking at stuff that, while not pornographic itself, would arouse those feelings in me. This can be difficult in this day and age because of all the ads we see. I have cut out a lot of tv and tend to watch shows I like on hulu or the website for channel that it comes on. Netflix or dvds of shows are also really good for ad free TV. I also use Firefox as my web browser. It is like internet explorer but safer and has this nice add on called adblockplus. When you download and install adblockplus in your firefox will not display most ads and those that do show up tend to have a block option if you move the mouse over the ad. Another thing that has also helped is to try and change the way in which I view women. Pornography changes the way you view people. This is a side affect of pornography viewing that nobody is immune to. I started to try and view women as Christ would. While I don't believe myself to be quite as good at seeing the world as He did/does, it helps to try and see women as the lovely children of God that they are and not the objects of lustful desires that Satan tries to make us think they are. For any women who may be struggling with this problem know that the painting of lies that pornography creates for you may be different but it is still just as much a lie. I think the best thing we do to stop the spread and influence of pornography is to educate ourselves on how to protect ourselves and then share that information with others. We must also train those under our care to stay away from it. Show more Show less